14 July 2010

Hair update!!!

Remember a few posts ago, when I showed you this unfortunate soul? Well... I saw her again!!! This time it was in CVS in Harvard Square, and I was able to really check out those locks. So, here's the skinny. It's all her own hair, she's got 80% of it cut in a bob, and on the back of her head is what can only be described as an over-sized rat tail sticking out from underneath her blunt cut.

What really struck me, and made me want to write this update, is that it was STILL THERE. That means any rationalization we can make about how she just couldn't cut that part of her hair herself, or she was in the middle of a hair cut and got an emergency call... completely falsified! This is actually a look that was asked for, given, and is now being worn around town.



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