26 February 2010

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

Every time I move... which is a surprisingly frequent occurrence... I have this same ridiculous hope. That hope, is that at my going away party or some last hurrah... one of my guy friends would confess he's been crazy about me the whole time, and wishes I didn't have to go. We'd curse the fates, down our glasses of wine, and sneak off somewhere for one night of earth-shattering... amusement.

In the morning, we'd realize that this is how it was meant to be. It was a night neither of us will forget, but we're not sad to  let it go, at least for the moment. After one last gripping kiss, I'd grab my bags and head to the airport. It would sting - leaving him behind - but as I stepped onto the plane, I'd feel like I was ready for anything. (And, that I'd be sure to have a reason to come back and visit.)

Anyhoodle, tonight I'm having my going away party. I'm about 99% positive this scenario won't happen, but you can't blame a girl for dreaming!


24 February 2010


I just filled almost an entire 20x20x20 box full of shoes. I feel so proud!


23 February 2010

Totally forgot to tell you...

If you haven't heard... this week I happened to become a stunt woman... by accident.

See... I had just gotten my car back from the dealership (did I mention it locked me out at 11 pm on Folly Beach? Yeah.) Anyhoo, I went to grab it out of my garage for my first drive around Charleston in almost a week, and nearly hit a man as I skipped through the door to the garage. Turns out, two men were pumping water (?) out of some place in the garage, and they were trekking a huge hose from one end to the other. It didn't get in the way of me pulling out, but as I went to go hit the garage opener, I realized they had left their junk right next to it... blocking my way.

With a huff, I stopped the car, threw it in park, and jumped out. Little did I know... "Park" was actually "Reverse," and my car started ACCELERATING BACKWARDS!!!! So I, in my 5 inch platform sandals sprinted full tilt towards my car as it sped ever faster towards the back wall, grabbed the top of the door, and swung myself into the drivers seat. A split second later I was slamming on the breaks... and accidentally hitting the horn. It wasn't until then that I realized the guys had been yelling the whole time... for as the blood finally quit rushing in my ears, I heard: "Ooooooh... shit, man!"

I threw the car in park again (this time for sure), hopped out, shook the anxiety out my arms, hit the garage button, and then PEELED THE FUCK OUT of my garage. It took me a few minutes to realize that I was just about as impressed with myself as I was embarrassed. ;-)


22 February 2010

The Feeding Habits of Unicorns

Miss Kelley sent me this amazing link. I suggest to most of you that you don't watch the very end of the clip... I was disturbed.

The Feeding Habits of Unicorns



Guess what??!!!

I've just been informed by a friend that I have a stripper doppelganger!!! Not only that, but she will apparently beat the living daylights out of you for $50 at Show and Tell in Philadelphia. Her other talents are things I'm not quite so proud of...

This has created a wonderful situation for me. You see, any time I do anything crazy from now on... I'm blaming it on my stripper doppelganger!!!! (Unless I want to take the credit, that is.)


20 February 2010

To be honest...

This is 100% the reason why I've been teaching myself photoshop...

Original photo from my Holiday Card

Brunette Katie

Redhead Katie

I've decided to go a little deeper blond, so that I'll no longer have roots... but no darker than that. It's quite obvious that any sort of dye job would be disappointing, despite the fact that I'd LOVE to be the kind of person that changes their hair color every few months. Thank you, Photoshop CS4, I guess.


17 February 2010

Adam Lambert...

It has happened. I have forgiven Adam Lambert for sticking a poor, defenseless dancer's face in his crotch on national television. Why? Because he just did THIS on national television:

You've been served... person on cell phone!!!

Ahahaha... he managed to be mean, polite, and funny. Kudos, Adam.


Bookstore FAIL...

So, today I finally bought a book I've been wanting to get for a while. You might have heard of it:

I'm not desperate by any means, but Patti cracks my shit up on Bravo, so I figured this might be an entertaining read. I admit, however, that I look forward to her tough love. Perhaps a read through this book will stop me from sending that one text too many... which I'm sure would be a wonderful improvement.

Anyhoodle, I was in the bookstore looking for this book. I was already embarrassed because I had to stand in the "love and relationships" aisle... so I grabbed it and dashed to fiction. My idea was that I wanted to get another book with this one that maybe would lessen the woman at the checkout counter's likelihood of thinking I'm a crazy desperate 20-something looking to get my MRS by the end of college. So, I grab a book I've been meaning to read for a long time, wipe my brow of the anxiety of hypothetical judgment, and make my way to the front.

It wasn't until I put the books down on the counter that I realized my mistake. On top of Become Your Own Matchmaker sat Wuthering Heights. Now, if you don't know, this book happens to be described as "One of literature’s most disturbing explorations into the dark side of romantic passion." So, in addition to being desperate, my book choice added a new dimension of being a scorned woman plunging herself into the dark shadows of love while desperately seeking her white knight strong enough to carry all her baggage. 



15 February 2010

Belated Valentine's Video

One of my faves sent me this video yesterday... I wanted to post it for everyone to enjoy!

Nothing says love like baby animals!!


Food Landscapes!!!!

As if anyone needed more reason for why you should ALWAYS play with your food!!!

If you're like me, and you started to wonder if these were really created without CGI... Look!!


14 February 2010


Happy Valentine's Day to all of the loves of my life!!!!!


11 February 2010

Making these STAT!!

I'm so pumped to make these Chocolate Soufflé Cupcakes with Mint Icing. They're going to be out of this world!!


Rough Morning...

So, after yesterday's debacle, I was really excited to get into my car with our spare keys. Little did I know, the keys might not be the issue. Yes, my friends, my alarm went off yet again!!

Frustrated, I went back to the original keys, desperate to make them work. I took out the rubber ring, thinking that it might be getting in the way of the connection, and low and behold!! The car key started lighting up when I pushed the buttons. "HOORAY!!!" I shouted.

I rushed downstairs with the key, hit the button... nothing. I figured if the key was at least working electrically, maybe I could get in my car. Open the door... ALARM!!

AHHHH!!!! I ran upstairs, grabbed my bike, made for the garage door, and.... NEARLY RAN INTO IT!! Apparently, my father hadn't reconnected the brakes after taking apart my bike to transport it. So, in my dress, I set to work only to realize that I don't know how to reconnect the brakes. It looked simple enough, but one of them appeared to be stuck, and I couldn't pull the cable over far enough on the other to latch it correctly.

Getting a bit irate, I stood up to find that I had gotten GREASE on my DRESS!!!! I swore, came up with a new aim acronym (Pain In My F*in Ass... PIMFA), hauled my bike back in, grabbed my coat, and walked to work.

I rolled my ankle on the cobble stones.


10 February 2010


Today, an incident with my car reminded me of something from my time abroad. Here's a snippet from my FrancoFiles:

So, I believe that I am the only person I know who can get themselves locked INTO their apartment. That’s right folks; I can’t get out of my apartment today until someone in my host family returns from work or school. This might sound odd, but even though I got into the building last night, I can’t find my keys anywhere. I have gone so far as to rifle through my trash, lift up my bed frame, everything. 

This, lads and ladies, is why you shouldn't have a lock that requires a key on BOTH SIDES. I spent the entire day loafing around my room, desperately awaiting the return of someone, ANYONE, to let me in. 

Today, I got locked out, but not of my apartment. I got locked out of my car... while the keys were still in my hand. WHAT??!! The battery ran out of my key for the car... I replaced them... the key decided it didn't want to work. 

At this point, I'm thinking: "Hey, thank goodness I've got the kind of car keys that actually use a key, and not one of those futuristic ones that would leave me defenseless." I was wrong... so wrong.

As it turns out, Range Rover doesn't want you to go making a copy of your car key. That's how beautiful cars get stolen (even if they're your dad's old model, and are falling apart in every way imaginable. Honestly, I have to pump the breaks every time I start the car, so as not to end up backing up into another car in the garage due to lack of pressure.)  

So, what happened? This morning, I walk myself down to the garage and put my key in the door. The door unlocked (hallelujah!), but as I opened the door... something strange happened. MY ALARM WENT OFF!!!! I couldn't hit the unlock button, putting the key in the door obviously didn't work, so I tried to turn the car on. DENIED!!! Maybe it was just a fluke?? NO!!! I probably woke up everyone in my garage attempting to figure out how to get the alarm off, realizing finally that the only way to do so was to lock the car and walk away. 

This seemed odd, but made sense security wise, so I figured I'd walk to work, go get different batteries, and try again when I got home, but I realized something...

See, yesterday, when I bought the batteries... I got in my car with the key completely dead. I started the car with the key dead. I drove my car with the keys dead. The car didn't yell at me until this morning, when it was freezing outside, and I had to get to the office early because of new client meetings. 

What, seriously, is up with my car???


05 February 2010

Even sticky notes...

... aren't free from the threat of male pattern baldness.

Creepy... AWESOME!!!

I didn't necessarily think that creepy could be awesome. I mean, perhaps when it's your guy friend doing a horrific job of hitting on a girl at a bar. Even then, that's not really awesome for everyone... just you. This, however, is creepy-awesome for everyone!!




But I feel like the joke would get really old, really fast.


04 February 2010

Fail Blog...

This caused me to cackle. Seriously. Thank you, FAIL blog.

Abstinence is the only sure way to avoid pregnancy... or is it??!!



On the day of my interviews... I changed up my normal routines a bit... some of it is just good practice, but I feel like a few things might be considered... superstitious...

1. I plastered Kelley's lucky charms cupcake on my phone and computer screens.

2. I got up and did sit-ups and push-ups in the morning in my hotel room. I HATE PUSH-UPS.

3. I counted the number of interview packets in my padfolio at least 12 times.

4. I sat on a stack of phone books in a random corner of the building for 10 minutes looking over my writing sample, so that I wouldn't be arriving in the office too early.

5. I wore a tank top under my blue dress shirt, because I was convinced that things might be seen through my opaque top.

6. I wore a pair of purple underwear with "DREAM" on the butt... picked out specifically for that day.

7. I rewrote my questions so that they would be neat... in case anyone happened to sneak a peak at my notebook.

8. I wore my patent-leather pumps, despite the fact that after 5 minutes my pinky toes lose all sensation due to crushing.

Anyway... only a couple of those are that interesting... but it made me wonder... did I get my job because of the writing on my ass???


03 February 2010

Watch it!!!!

All of my future coworkers now know that I called myself "captain awesome" yesterday. That is apparently what happens when your coworkers get google alerts, and you happen to use the full company name.  From now on... and Kathy, if you are still reading my blog, don't you dare get google updates for this... Kafijo Inc. (Katie's First Job) will be my employer.

Anywhoo... If any of you lovelies have ideas of how I can QUICKLY find GOOD housing in the Boston/Cambridge area, please let me know! (Or, if you know a spectacular person looking for a roomie.) I need to figure out my cost of living before accepting the job offer from Kafijo!!!


Bride Wars...

This past week, Jenny, Joy, and I tried to watch Bride Wars. After about 30 minutes of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway going insane about a June wedding at the Plaza... we switched to DVR and started watching "Wife Swap." (Have you seen the one where the people eat raw meat??!! HOLY FERMENTED COW!!!)

Anyway, in one Very Important Scene... Kate pulls out a piece of clothing from her closet (question... why did he hide it IN HER CLOSET??) and out falls a Tiffany's box!!! OH PRAISE THE LORD THE DAY HAS COME WHERE I AM NO LONGER JUST A WILDLY SUCCESSFUL LAWYER!!!! I WILL FINALLY BE FULFILLED!!!!

Anyhoodle... that movie inspired this cupcake selection. Enjoy!

Mmmmmm... Tiffany blue tastes like diamonds!!


02 February 2010



Given the details of the offer look good, you're looking at (not literally) one of [name removed] NEWEST HIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Looooooooong ride home...

Apparently someone got so violently ill on the plane arriving to Charlotte (a.k.a. the plane I was then supposed to board in order to come home), that they had to remove the seats in the back. I really don't want to think about how that could even be possible.

Anyhoo... what this means is that I arrived home 12 hours late, exhausted, and gross... wearing a pair of underwear I had to wash in the sink at the motel. I've showered... but I have much sleeping to do.



01 February 2010


Hey all!!

I just finished 4 hours straight of interviews. I'm absolutely drained... so I won't be writing anything today. I do, however, want to say thanks for all your support!!! Kelley sent me a good luck cupcake... look how cute!!!

Thanks Kel!!!