03 February 2010

Bride Wars...

This past week, Jenny, Joy, and I tried to watch Bride Wars. After about 30 minutes of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway going insane about a June wedding at the Plaza... we switched to DVR and started watching "Wife Swap." (Have you seen the one where the people eat raw meat??!! HOLY FERMENTED COW!!!)

Anyway, in one Very Important Scene... Kate pulls out a piece of clothing from her closet (question... why did he hide it IN HER CLOSET??) and out falls a Tiffany's box!!! OH PRAISE THE LORD THE DAY HAS COME WHERE I AM NO LONGER JUST A WILDLY SUCCESSFUL LAWYER!!!! I WILL FINALLY BE FULFILLED!!!!

Anyhoodle... that movie inspired this cupcake selection. Enjoy!

Mmmmmm... Tiffany blue tastes like diamonds!!


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