23 February 2010

Totally forgot to tell you...

If you haven't heard... this week I happened to become a stunt woman... by accident.

See... I had just gotten my car back from the dealership (did I mention it locked me out at 11 pm on Folly Beach? Yeah.) Anyhoo, I went to grab it out of my garage for my first drive around Charleston in almost a week, and nearly hit a man as I skipped through the door to the garage. Turns out, two men were pumping water (?) out of some place in the garage, and they were trekking a huge hose from one end to the other. It didn't get in the way of me pulling out, but as I went to go hit the garage opener, I realized they had left their junk right next to it... blocking my way.

With a huff, I stopped the car, threw it in park, and jumped out. Little did I know... "Park" was actually "Reverse," and my car started ACCELERATING BACKWARDS!!!! So I, in my 5 inch platform sandals sprinted full tilt towards my car as it sped ever faster towards the back wall, grabbed the top of the door, and swung myself into the drivers seat. A split second later I was slamming on the breaks... and accidentally hitting the horn. It wasn't until then that I realized the guys had been yelling the whole time... for as the blood finally quit rushing in my ears, I heard: "Ooooooh... shit, man!"

I threw the car in park again (this time for sure), hopped out, shook the anxiety out my arms, hit the garage button, and then PEELED THE FUCK OUT of my garage. It took me a few minutes to realize that I was just about as impressed with myself as I was embarrassed. ;-)


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