04 February 2010


On the day of my interviews... I changed up my normal routines a bit... some of it is just good practice, but I feel like a few things might be considered... superstitious...

1. I plastered Kelley's lucky charms cupcake on my phone and computer screens.

2. I got up and did sit-ups and push-ups in the morning in my hotel room. I HATE PUSH-UPS.

3. I counted the number of interview packets in my padfolio at least 12 times.

4. I sat on a stack of phone books in a random corner of the building for 10 minutes looking over my writing sample, so that I wouldn't be arriving in the office too early.

5. I wore a tank top under my blue dress shirt, because I was convinced that things might be seen through my opaque top.

6. I wore a pair of purple underwear with "DREAM" on the butt... picked out specifically for that day.

7. I rewrote my questions so that they would be neat... in case anyone happened to sneak a peak at my notebook.

8. I wore my patent-leather pumps, despite the fact that after 5 minutes my pinky toes lose all sensation due to crushing.

Anyway... only a couple of those are that interesting... but it made me wonder... did I get my job because of the writing on my ass???


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