10 February 2010


Today, an incident with my car reminded me of something from my time abroad. Here's a snippet from my FrancoFiles:

So, I believe that I am the only person I know who can get themselves locked INTO their apartment. That’s right folks; I can’t get out of my apartment today until someone in my host family returns from work or school. This might sound odd, but even though I got into the building last night, I can’t find my keys anywhere. I have gone so far as to rifle through my trash, lift up my bed frame, everything. 

This, lads and ladies, is why you shouldn't have a lock that requires a key on BOTH SIDES. I spent the entire day loafing around my room, desperately awaiting the return of someone, ANYONE, to let me in. 

Today, I got locked out, but not of my apartment. I got locked out of my car... while the keys were still in my hand. WHAT??!! The battery ran out of my key for the car... I replaced them... the key decided it didn't want to work. 

At this point, I'm thinking: "Hey, thank goodness I've got the kind of car keys that actually use a key, and not one of those futuristic ones that would leave me defenseless." I was wrong... so wrong.

As it turns out, Range Rover doesn't want you to go making a copy of your car key. That's how beautiful cars get stolen (even if they're your dad's old model, and are falling apart in every way imaginable. Honestly, I have to pump the breaks every time I start the car, so as not to end up backing up into another car in the garage due to lack of pressure.)  

So, what happened? This morning, I walk myself down to the garage and put my key in the door. The door unlocked (hallelujah!), but as I opened the door... something strange happened. MY ALARM WENT OFF!!!! I couldn't hit the unlock button, putting the key in the door obviously didn't work, so I tried to turn the car on. DENIED!!! Maybe it was just a fluke?? NO!!! I probably woke up everyone in my garage attempting to figure out how to get the alarm off, realizing finally that the only way to do so was to lock the car and walk away. 

This seemed odd, but made sense security wise, so I figured I'd walk to work, go get different batteries, and try again when I got home, but I realized something...

See, yesterday, when I bought the batteries... I got in my car with the key completely dead. I started the car with the key dead. I drove my car with the keys dead. The car didn't yell at me until this morning, when it was freezing outside, and I had to get to the office early because of new client meetings. 

What, seriously, is up with my car???


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