11 February 2010

Rough Morning...

So, after yesterday's debacle, I was really excited to get into my car with our spare keys. Little did I know, the keys might not be the issue. Yes, my friends, my alarm went off yet again!!

Frustrated, I went back to the original keys, desperate to make them work. I took out the rubber ring, thinking that it might be getting in the way of the connection, and low and behold!! The car key started lighting up when I pushed the buttons. "HOORAY!!!" I shouted.

I rushed downstairs with the key, hit the button... nothing. I figured if the key was at least working electrically, maybe I could get in my car. Open the door... ALARM!!

AHHHH!!!! I ran upstairs, grabbed my bike, made for the garage door, and.... NEARLY RAN INTO IT!! Apparently, my father hadn't reconnected the brakes after taking apart my bike to transport it. So, in my dress, I set to work only to realize that I don't know how to reconnect the brakes. It looked simple enough, but one of them appeared to be stuck, and I couldn't pull the cable over far enough on the other to latch it correctly.

Getting a bit irate, I stood up to find that I had gotten GREASE on my DRESS!!!! I swore, came up with a new aim acronym (Pain In My F*in Ass... PIMFA), hauled my bike back in, grabbed my coat, and walked to work.

I rolled my ankle on the cobble stones.


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