25 May 2010

Thoughts Part 1

Sometimes random thoughts come to me during the day. If they're silly, I tend to quickly post them here, and others go into a mini notebook that I keep on me at most (not all) times. I thought I'd share some now that I have a little collection starting. They're not necessarily going to change your life, but I like to use them as my own little mantras sometimes.

- In order to get what you deserve, you first have to deserve it.

- You're never too old to appreciate a good cape.

- Smiles are contagious. Look in a mirror and infect yourself.

- Sometimes, all a day needs to be successful is a satisfying poop.

- Every one at every moment has the right to be happy. We may only question what it is that makes them happy.

- Bodies don't make small people. Closed minds do.

- If all the world's a stage. I damn well better not be in the chorus.

- Sometimes the best way to prepare for the future is to forget it even exists.


24 May 2010

Take some time...

Watch this clip. It's remarkable how profound you can be with cartoons.

Music and Life


Just because...

Just because you have a disability, do you automatically have the right to be an asshole? Kel and I were discussing this with relation to Artie on Glee, (I still maintain that his emotional outbursts are extremely judgmental and lack justification) but today this issue really hit home. Let me explain...

Today on the T there happened to be a blind woman in a wheelchair. She was accompanied by a man who, despite being unclear as to whether or not he had a disability, had a seeing eye dog (while still being able to maneuver around the car with ease). We reached their stop, and which point the woman started attempting to prepare her chair for backing out of the car. Her friend held his arm in the door so that there would be time for her to exit, and everyone moved out of the way so that she would have enough of a turning radius. Then, it happened.

First came the people attempting to get on the T, who couldn't see that she was eventually going to be exiting (she was still turning). "Hey! Watch it!" Her friend yelled. "You guys are FUCKING ASSHOLES!" The two people apologized and moved down to the next door. One of them seemed really stunned and almost on the verge of tears for being called an asshole. (I would cry if someone called me an asshole... or I'd hit them.)

It was then that the woman was finally prepared to back out. As she reached the small gap, her chair hit a snag, and she was halted. It was at this point that all of the people around her started to approach to help. (She was quite overweight, and it would have taken at least 4 people to lift the chair if need-be.) This time, she screamed. "NO!!!!! DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!" she said while flailing her arms. She scooted forward, reversed again, and got stuck for a second time. Obviously, no one moved because of her obvious aversion to aid. This, however, was unacceptable in the eyes of her friend.

"How come no one will help her get out of the car?! Somebody get over here and lift it!" It was at this point that the doors on the T started to close, due to the fact that almost 2 minutes had passed. "HEY!!!!!!! WE'RE TRYING TO GET OUT!!!!" he yelled, and ran to the emergency button on the wall. Once he hit it, an MBTA officer stepped out of the train and asked if everything was alright. (Some weary travelers had helped his friend out of the car, upon which she did not thank them.) Despite the fact that they both had made it onto the platform, everything was apparently not okay.

"The doors were closing on us! We're trying to get off, and the doors were closing on us! What kind of ASSHOLES don't let people off of the train?"

The officer asked if they were off, and if the doors could close, to which the man answered and signed, "NO! NO! NO!" To all of our joy, the doors started closing anyway, (since nothing was blocking the doorway) which prompted him to throw himself back into the car while screaming, "NO! CAN'T YOU GET YOUR FUCKING ACT TOGETHER?! WE ARE STILL HERE!"

While his back was turned, the doors shut for a second time, and we were on our way... but I couldn't help but think about hwo the scene had come to be. Now, these people are probably just assholes because they're assholes (no implications here that people with disabilities are assholes, since that would be completely erroneous and a disgusting statement to make in general), but what's different here is that they got away with it. Everyone on the train was kind, tried to help, backed off when they were yelled at, and even apologized for their attempts at generosity. So, here's my question: Does having a disability (and this omits mental disabilities for obvious reasons) give you a free pass to assholedom? Why?


21 May 2010

A week in the life...

I kept taking all of these photos to show you all, and now I have quite a surplus, so I thought I'd combine them into a post to give you an idea of a week in my life. (As you'll see... I spend a ridiculous amount of time on public transportation.)

Let us begin with Saturday at 1 pm:

This man was so intoxicated that his head kept moving closer and closer to the floor... that is, until the T would jerk to a stop. At every stop, without fail, he would raise his head and yell: "IS THIS PAAK STREET?!" in his outrageously thick Boston accent. I joined the people around me in our awkward shaking of our heads "no," he'd return to the position shown above, and all of us would hold our breath for his inevitable meeting with the rubberized flooring beneath him.

Sunday 11 am:

Oh Lord, child! I never knew that scrubs could get pulled up this high. They are literally puckering at the nape of her butt cheeks. I never knew that mom-butt could be created with the uniform's equivalent to pajamas... but now I do.... Oh, now I do. 

Monday 4 pm:

I happened to luck out with an early work day, when I am confronted by my worst fashion nightmare (besides fishnet shirts). It's the athletic shoe + any pant that is not an athletic pant pairing! CURSES!!!! This may sound crazy, but I just can't stand this look. There are other athletically inspired options that are perfectly acceptable, such as converses, or sport/fashion shoes provided by puma, nike, and adidas. Or better yet, there's flats in all shapes and sizes all over the place! It's a TREND for goodness sake!!! There is absolutely NO REASON why my eyeballs must be assaulted by this on a daily basis!!!

Tuesday 8 am:

Do not adjust your computer screens... this is not a joke. That is a woman wearing a gray, oversized cable knit sweater with gray cable knit stockings and a pair of grey cable knit boots... All. At. Once. I'm completely mesmerized, and nearly miss my stop for work.

Wednesday 6 pm:

Making up for all of the heinousness I've seen all week... is this wonderful man who knows how to wear his jeans like a pro. Also, there is a man sitting on the other side of this fine piece of ass who is hot and reading a book. I tried to take a photo for the tumblr Hot Guys Reading Books, but I couldn't get the photo clear enough on my phone. This was quite the peaceful ride home. (Sigh of joy.)

Thursday 10:45 pm:

Thanks to a friend, I got to experience the amazingness that is Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band!!! On top of one of the saxophonists falling off stage, I was treated to a raucous good time that included burlesque dancers. (We all know that I'm a big fan of burlesque dancers.) I'm still confused as to the gender of one... which is intriguing given that burlesque dancers STRIP, but hey... whatever that lovely dancer happens to be is alright with me. 

Friday (All day)

Flying home to Cali. (Okay, so I might have mixed 2 weeks together due to the spread of my pictures, but I just had to include the next one.)

Saturday 11:45 am

BEHOLD!!! THE PERFECT PIECE OF TOAST!!! I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my friends in California. Our brunch was quite perfect, including this delicious morsel prepared by Mallory. Mmmmmmmm!!!! 


20 May 2010

Sweetest band-aid...

Girl Truth #43: Sugar will mend a broken heart.


19 May 2010

Office Doodles...

Here's some more creative genius by yours truly. These doodles are supported by my coworkers, as it means I don't go crazy from staring at spreadsheets, MarketSight, and PowerPoint all day. HOORAY!!!

First... a cute puppy


Next... this is what happens when my phone gets shut off, and I have to sit on the phone with Verizon for 2 hours to fix it...

Teeheehee. I'm really proud of this one.


18 May 2010

Body Language...

I've had body language stuck in my head for a week, and it unfortunately isn't Queen's version. That's right... Jesse McCartney has been singing this in my head all morning and night:

Parlez vous francais? 
Come and move in my way 
Hey, little chica from Guadalupe 
That thing you got behind you is amazing 

Now, I don't speak Spanish, Japanese or French 
But the way that body's talkin' definitely makes sense 
It's her, her body, her body, her body language 
It's her, her body, her body, her body language 
The way she moves around 
When she grinds to the beat 
Breaking it down articulately 
It's her, her body, her body, her body language 
It's her, her body, her body

I once had a guy I was interested in tell me that my body language completely gave me away. Apparently I touched may hair more when I was talking with him than with other guys, I crossed my legs towards him, looked him straight in the eye, sat within the personal bubble, uncrossed my arms whenever he approached, oh... and I made out with him. (That last part was the kicker!) Although he was intending to just bring about some playful banter, it kinda freaked me out. Everyone knows from experience what some physical cues mean, but this guy had actually read a book on the subtleties of body language, and it made me realize something - knowing more than your average Joe about body language can be a dangerous thing. 

I mean, think about it. What about if I had hard core hairsprayed my hair, and couldn't run my fingers through it? Would he decide I wasn't interested? I actually find crossing my right leg over my left more comfortable than it's opposite, so what would have happened if he had been sitting on my right instead of my left? What about if my boobs hurt, and I was crossing my arms underneath them to try and relieve the stress of my body holding them up on its own? The room for misinterpretation is vast!

It can also be contradictory. The other night I went on a date with a guy who spent half of the time looking everywhere else in the bar besides my face, and the other half staring at my boobs. If I had actually been interested, I'd be all kinds of confused right now as to how to interpret his lack of eye contact. Luckily, his horrifically upright posture during our hug goodbye made it quite clear he, like me, was not looking to take things further. (I let him know the next day that I didn't think we were much by way of sparks, butterflies, rainbows, and puppies... verbatim.)

Recently, however, my real problem with too much knowledge of body language (or not enough... that could be another argument) is the fact that I know what messages I'm sending. I was seeing someone that I should have been crazy about. He's smart, handsome, sweet, driven, and apparently a fan of my antics... but it just wasn't there. As soon as I realized that I wasn't feeling it, I started noticing how I was sitting with him, where my arms were being held, and if I was touching my hair enough. I found myself trying to keep sending the message that I was interested, even though I wasn't. Thoughts like, "Ah! Katie... lean your torso towards him! You're totally being stand-offish," ran through my head. Who the heck thinks about their torso?!

And I guess my hesitation came out in the end... probably due to the fact that I honestly forgot to get in touch with him until the day after he had invited me to see a movie. (YIKES!!!) It would appear that no amount of torso/leg positioning or hair-play can cover that sign up. 

Yet another date, I reassuringly put my hand on the small of a guy's back to try to help him realize that I really didn't mind that we were wandering the streets, in search of a restaurant that managed to keep eluding us. All the sudden, what do I think? "Ah! Katie! You just gave him the 'I'm into you,' but from a totally male standpoint! You just MADE him the WOMAN!" I literally shook my head to get the thought out, (he was searching for street names and didn't notice) but the next time he apologized for the delay in eating, all I could do was gently pat him on the shoulder. That... my friends... is also not exactly a male ego-booster. My internal monologue was going, "MAY DAY!!! MAY F*ING DAY, KATIE!!!" I mean, how in the world am I supposed to expect a guy to enjoy my company when I keep physically interacting with him as if he were a weak woman? Luckily, I spent the rest of the night having a fun time coming up with things he's good at... which became a pretty sizable and funny list. 

However, the issue still remains that I have learned the subtleties of body language, and I can't possibly unlearn them. The next time my hair is flat, and I constantly touch it so that it's always doing something more interesting than lying limp and lifeless, I will inevitably be convinced that every man in the room is thinking I'm totally into them. Sit too close to a dude on the packed T?? Oh no no! Rein them in, Lassie! That's way too forward! I've already caught myself trying to learn how to be an ambi-leg crosser. My neuroses have already scheduled a mixer to welcome-in the newest addition to the list of full tenure members. It's supposed to be a RAGER!!!


11 May 2010

Added this back on the blog after the disappearance of its principal players...

I'm so awkward at this...


So, I've been lucky enough to be asked out on a few dates in the last few weeks, and I realized something. I'm so AWKWARD. I get through the talking just fine, and I'm a very pleasant person to be around in general, but I just have no idea what to do when it comes to the part where I'm supposed to be affectionate.

Now, since you all know me, I'm sure you're like: "What? Katie, I've seen you basically make out with your friend Tara after not seeing her for a long time. You're cray-cray affectionate! I mean, sometimes you just stand and awkwardly hold people for minutes at a time. So, what the HECK are you talking about?" I KNOW! I'm as surprised as you! My favorite things in life are hugs, making out, and cupcakes... so this seems incredibly out of character.

The fact of the matter is that I don't know how to be romantically affectionate with more than one person at a time... well, okay, that's kind of a lie. I guess I mean I don't know how to do it outside of silly make-out-fests (Mom?! Are you reading my blog??!!). Let's take yesterday for example. Yesterday I had my third date with an awesome guy named Drew. He invited me over to his place for a barbecue with his roommates (complete with home-brewed IPA!) I'm sitting there, enjoying my delicious burger, when I get a text from another awesome guy named Bobby asking if I'd like to take a stroll along the river. I immediately tense up. How in the world can I be at a barbecue with one person, knowing full well that I'll probably be kissed at the end of the night, while thinking about taking a stroll Tuesday with someone else?!

According to a couple of my friends (who are a couple... so cute!), I should be able to do this with ease. "Katie, you can date more than one person," was the simple response. Even Patti Stanger says to date multiple people. In fact, according to her book that I read (which gets fairly boring after chapter 2) three is the magic number. One of them is the one you're serious about, the second is the guy that's awesome enough to make sure that you don't get obsessive about the first, and the third is your best guy friend that you'll probably marry at some point. When I read this, though, all I could think was: "Poor #2 and best guy friend! They get strung along just to make sure that you don't screw things up with #1!"

And that's very much how I feel at this moment, except I have no idea which guy is which number. Who's being strung along? Who am I supposed to try not to obsess over? And really... if I don't know which is which, should I be getting affectionate at all with either/any of them? And with all of those thoughts running through my head, how could I not be awkward? Last night all I could think when Drew came in for a goodnight kiss was, "Oh, this is probably a horrible idea. What if I change my mind a week from now, and we can't revert to friends, because we never were friends? Oh God! He's going for it!" What resulted was a kiss on half of our lips... SO AWKWARD. I then basically ran down the steps into the subway, yelling: "I'll see you soon!" UGH.

What am I supposed to do? Do I just go around kissing boys because I feel like it, and figure that it'll get sorted out eventually? Do I avoid contact and hope that one will realize that I'm being cautious instead of cold? Do I decide not to date until someone comes around that I just can't live without? WHAT DO I DO???!!!

Also, since when did I become this person? What happened to the Don Juanita that was high school me? I was a freaking baller! I basically made out with the whole Serra crew team's varsity 8 without the slightest bit of embarrassment, and definitely no second thoughts (otherwise, I might have been a little bit more selective...hehe).

It's as if I got over the age of 18 and immediately took on the mindset that dating was serious, or at least the consequences of dating willy-nilly were. I can't stand the idea of  letting someone think I'm interested if I'm not sure about it myself (even though I apparently have no qualms flirting with people I have no interest in... woo hypocrisy!) Knowing that my impulsiveness and fickle admiration could effect someone else's emotional state weighs incredibly heavily on my mind. I mean, isn't it kind of careless to be so selfish in dating?

And so, I'm stuck, and I need your help. Am I being crazy? Am I being responsible? How in the world can I STOP being SO AWKWARD??!! Please tell me.


P.S. Drew will most certainly get an awesome kiss soon, if for no other reason than to mend my hurt pride. Katie does NOT kiss badly. My honor is at stake!

07 May 2010

Announcement... and a drawing!

First off... look at what I drew on my whiteboard!

Here fishy-fishy!!!!

And now for the announcement... Drum-roll please.... BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM....


After a talk with Rach, I decided that once a week I'm going to try and write a review/opinion piece. (My silly content will still be around, seeing as sometimes I just really want to share things that I stumble upon during my many hours online.) The idea is to really give the blog a voice and a little more purpose. Instead of giving examples of smart things that I've said to other people... I'm going to try my best to say those things to you all!!!

Sound good? I'd also love some suggestions of things to write about. My thoughts are mine, and therefore seem completely logical and normal to me... so I would think that you all might have a better perspective on where I might have something interesting and thought-provoking to say.

Let me know!


05 May 2010

My first Boston baking adventure...

Last night Bobby came over, and we broke open my new Martha Stewart cupcake book! We decided on red velvet cupcakes, just to make sure we started on a good foot. And what a good foot it was!!!! First of all... the cakes came out of the oven looking like this:

Symmetry is hot.

One of our favorite parts of the night was popping these out of the pan to let them cool... turns out they kind of bounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For some reason I haven't taken any photos of the finished product, but I did happen to take a photo of one of our screw-ups. It was totally Bobby's fault... his stupid, boy thumb took out a chunk. Luckily, I had a brilliant solution!!!

Kinda looks like the Colonel, right?

I cannot express how delicious these babies are... Martha is a GENIUS!!! 1 recipe down... 174 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!


04 May 2010

Hey! I'm smart!

I've been doing a fair amount of correspondence recently, and there are a few things I've said that have helped remind me that I am not, in fact, immature or stupid. I thought I'd share them. 

- It's unfortunate that so many girls seem to still fall prey to the idea that marriage is a necessary next step after college. Trying to fill a void, or forcing someone into your preconceived notion of romance causes nothing but pretense. I've always been one to believe that the goal is to first love yourself, and then be very appreciative if someone else happens to love you too. Part of it might also be that I'm not racing against a biological clock. Not wanting kids means that marriage has no effect on my ability to accomplish what I find important in life. The only difference between love in my 20's and love in my 40's is the length of time that I get to spend enjoying someone's company. 

- Definitely an interesting discussion of Facebook's F8 announcement. The level of interconnectedness of online experience really will be revolutionary, but every time I think about something like this, I can't help but think of the detractors. For instance, the other day I found out a site had my childhood home listed with all the members of my family, our yearly income, professions, and the like. Granted, some of it was wrong, but the frightening thing was how much was right. I had to get all of my family members to go onto the site individually and delete the information before it was all finally erased in total. Up until I became aware of the site's existence... that information was just sitting there waiting for someone else to find it.

So, my questions to you are: Do you feel that there is a point at which access to personal information goes too far? How much access is really necessary, and wouldn't it be better if we could build the amount of access rather than having a standard be set that we must then modify? In the same vein, with ever-expanding limits to what one is capable of finding, can we truly expect people to be able to manage their own personal privacy?

- I don't actually know how to describe my favorite piece... the woman's process works backwards from the outline of the piece to the filling in of painted animals and plants. What results are these enormous installations that have been precision cut out of plastic sheeting, and then painted in a realist style. My excitement about the work came form the fact that she was able to picture the piece as a whole before truly knowing all the elements that would comprise it. I liked the way it challenged preconceptions about the creation of art. 

Note the next line in our conversation:
Not gonna lie, though... I also kind of loved this one woman that painted bubble animals. Cartoon cows are awesome!

Obviously, I am of the opinion that one must also take a break from seriousness. The cartoon cows really were awesome!!!


03 May 2010

Oh... right...

Did I mention that a water pipe burst in Boston, and I have to boil all my tap water before it can be consumed, used for brushing teeth, or used to rinse dishes? They even say to put a drop of bleach in the water before you boil it. I'm trying to drag out the periods of time between showers due to the warning that people with recent wounds should avoid showering. (I don't have recent wounds... but how creepy is that warning?! I've decided it's a poop-tamination.) After my most recent shower, I actually wiped myself off with baby wipes, and I've come to the ridiculous conclusion that I'm just a face wash away from pink eye.

This needs to be fixed. My fine hair does not look good when I skip a day of showering, and I really can't rock a french braid as well as I had hoped.