05 May 2010

My first Boston baking adventure...

Last night Bobby came over, and we broke open my new Martha Stewart cupcake book! We decided on red velvet cupcakes, just to make sure we started on a good foot. And what a good foot it was!!!! First of all... the cakes came out of the oven looking like this:

Symmetry is hot.

One of our favorite parts of the night was popping these out of the pan to let them cool... turns out they kind of bounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For some reason I haven't taken any photos of the finished product, but I did happen to take a photo of one of our screw-ups. It was totally Bobby's fault... his stupid, boy thumb took out a chunk. Luckily, I had a brilliant solution!!!

Kinda looks like the Colonel, right?

I cannot express how delicious these babies are... Martha is a GENIUS!!! 1 recipe down... 174 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!


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