21 May 2010

A week in the life...

I kept taking all of these photos to show you all, and now I have quite a surplus, so I thought I'd combine them into a post to give you an idea of a week in my life. (As you'll see... I spend a ridiculous amount of time on public transportation.)

Let us begin with Saturday at 1 pm:

This man was so intoxicated that his head kept moving closer and closer to the floor... that is, until the T would jerk to a stop. At every stop, without fail, he would raise his head and yell: "IS THIS PAAK STREET?!" in his outrageously thick Boston accent. I joined the people around me in our awkward shaking of our heads "no," he'd return to the position shown above, and all of us would hold our breath for his inevitable meeting with the rubberized flooring beneath him.

Sunday 11 am:

Oh Lord, child! I never knew that scrubs could get pulled up this high. They are literally puckering at the nape of her butt cheeks. I never knew that mom-butt could be created with the uniform's equivalent to pajamas... but now I do.... Oh, now I do. 

Monday 4 pm:

I happened to luck out with an early work day, when I am confronted by my worst fashion nightmare (besides fishnet shirts). It's the athletic shoe + any pant that is not an athletic pant pairing! CURSES!!!! This may sound crazy, but I just can't stand this look. There are other athletically inspired options that are perfectly acceptable, such as converses, or sport/fashion shoes provided by puma, nike, and adidas. Or better yet, there's flats in all shapes and sizes all over the place! It's a TREND for goodness sake!!! There is absolutely NO REASON why my eyeballs must be assaulted by this on a daily basis!!!

Tuesday 8 am:

Do not adjust your computer screens... this is not a joke. That is a woman wearing a gray, oversized cable knit sweater with gray cable knit stockings and a pair of grey cable knit boots... All. At. Once. I'm completely mesmerized, and nearly miss my stop for work.

Wednesday 6 pm:

Making up for all of the heinousness I've seen all week... is this wonderful man who knows how to wear his jeans like a pro. Also, there is a man sitting on the other side of this fine piece of ass who is hot and reading a book. I tried to take a photo for the tumblr Hot Guys Reading Books, but I couldn't get the photo clear enough on my phone. This was quite the peaceful ride home. (Sigh of joy.)

Thursday 10:45 pm:

Thanks to a friend, I got to experience the amazingness that is Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band!!! On top of one of the saxophonists falling off stage, I was treated to a raucous good time that included burlesque dancers. (We all know that I'm a big fan of burlesque dancers.) I'm still confused as to the gender of one... which is intriguing given that burlesque dancers STRIP, but hey... whatever that lovely dancer happens to be is alright with me. 

Friday (All day)

Flying home to Cali. (Okay, so I might have mixed 2 weeks together due to the spread of my pictures, but I just had to include the next one.)

Saturday 11:45 am

BEHOLD!!! THE PERFECT PIECE OF TOAST!!! I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my friends in California. Our brunch was quite perfect, including this delicious morsel prepared by Mallory. Mmmmmmmm!!!! 


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