03 May 2010

Oh... right...

Did I mention that a water pipe burst in Boston, and I have to boil all my tap water before it can be consumed, used for brushing teeth, or used to rinse dishes? They even say to put a drop of bleach in the water before you boil it. I'm trying to drag out the periods of time between showers due to the warning that people with recent wounds should avoid showering. (I don't have recent wounds... but how creepy is that warning?! I've decided it's a poop-tamination.) After my most recent shower, I actually wiped myself off with baby wipes, and I've come to the ridiculous conclusion that I'm just a face wash away from pink eye.

This needs to be fixed. My fine hair does not look good when I skip a day of showering, and I really can't rock a french braid as well as I had hoped.


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