25 May 2010

Thoughts Part 1

Sometimes random thoughts come to me during the day. If they're silly, I tend to quickly post them here, and others go into a mini notebook that I keep on me at most (not all) times. I thought I'd share some now that I have a little collection starting. They're not necessarily going to change your life, but I like to use them as my own little mantras sometimes.

- In order to get what you deserve, you first have to deserve it.

- You're never too old to appreciate a good cape.

- Smiles are contagious. Look in a mirror and infect yourself.

- Sometimes, all a day needs to be successful is a satisfying poop.

- Every one at every moment has the right to be happy. We may only question what it is that makes them happy.

- Bodies don't make small people. Closed minds do.

- If all the world's a stage. I damn well better not be in the chorus.

- Sometimes the best way to prepare for the future is to forget it even exists.


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