04 May 2010

Hey! I'm smart!

I've been doing a fair amount of correspondence recently, and there are a few things I've said that have helped remind me that I am not, in fact, immature or stupid. I thought I'd share them. 

- It's unfortunate that so many girls seem to still fall prey to the idea that marriage is a necessary next step after college. Trying to fill a void, or forcing someone into your preconceived notion of romance causes nothing but pretense. I've always been one to believe that the goal is to first love yourself, and then be very appreciative if someone else happens to love you too. Part of it might also be that I'm not racing against a biological clock. Not wanting kids means that marriage has no effect on my ability to accomplish what I find important in life. The only difference between love in my 20's and love in my 40's is the length of time that I get to spend enjoying someone's company. 

- Definitely an interesting discussion of Facebook's F8 announcement. The level of interconnectedness of online experience really will be revolutionary, but every time I think about something like this, I can't help but think of the detractors. For instance, the other day I found out a site had my childhood home listed with all the members of my family, our yearly income, professions, and the like. Granted, some of it was wrong, but the frightening thing was how much was right. I had to get all of my family members to go onto the site individually and delete the information before it was all finally erased in total. Up until I became aware of the site's existence... that information was just sitting there waiting for someone else to find it.

So, my questions to you are: Do you feel that there is a point at which access to personal information goes too far? How much access is really necessary, and wouldn't it be better if we could build the amount of access rather than having a standard be set that we must then modify? In the same vein, with ever-expanding limits to what one is capable of finding, can we truly expect people to be able to manage their own personal privacy?

- I don't actually know how to describe my favorite piece... the woman's process works backwards from the outline of the piece to the filling in of painted animals and plants. What results are these enormous installations that have been precision cut out of plastic sheeting, and then painted in a realist style. My excitement about the work came form the fact that she was able to picture the piece as a whole before truly knowing all the elements that would comprise it. I liked the way it challenged preconceptions about the creation of art. 

Note the next line in our conversation:
Not gonna lie, though... I also kind of loved this one woman that painted bubble animals. Cartoon cows are awesome!

Obviously, I am of the opinion that one must also take a break from seriousness. The cartoon cows really were awesome!!!


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