09 September 2010

Hmmmm... Hehe

I was going to write a post entitled: "I  may be drunk, but..." but unfortunately, I got distracted by sending an apology to Mike, whose silly band I broke. (I'm fixing it!!!!!) And... well... Aaron bought me Patrón. Who can say no to that?!

So, after my first true night of drunkenness since arriving in Boston (correct me if I'm wrong), I'm way too sleepy and distracted to write the humorous post I was planning on the T.

It had something to do with lace t-shirts, skirts that border on your panty line, something about sea sickness, and yeah... hilarity in general.

Have I told you all that I love you? ;-)


1 comment:

jennysays said...

hahaha fix a silly band? just buy a dozen for $1