01 September 2010

Love at first sight...

Today on the T, I fell in love. I was so enthralled by this one guy, that I forgot to sneak a picture. (I was also way too close and was obviously staring, so I'm sure that he would have noticed me snapping a photo of him. It's just... he was PERFECT!!! At least... physically that is.

Here's what I mean...

Style wise, he looked like this:

But when he sat down, peaking out from the bottom of his khaki shorts was this:

Well, something like it, at least. Not only that... but I could tell there were more, many more tattoos hidden under that fantastic outfit, in fact. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, was the mystical combination that I have been looking for since I was twelve. I have always wanted a stylish guy covered in tattoos that somehow manages not to be a total douche. I wasn't sure it was probable, let alone possible, that I'd find one, but seeing this guy with his girlfriend (I know, that was disappointing) makes me believe that they really do exist!

Any of you know of one who isn't already dating their own version of me?


P.S. Oh... and let me know who you all are! I get some readers from places where I was not aware I had friends. Seeing as I was under the impression that only 7 people read my blog, this obviously is a surprise to me! I'd love to be able to give you a shout out! (I'm sure Rach, Kel, Brad, Joy, Jenny, Maddie, etc. would appreciate you taking some of the attention off of them.)

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