22 October 2009

Flu Shots!!!

I love flu shot day at the office!! This morning I walked in to find a little woman in a hideous outfit sitting in our conference room, and then I realized: she's a nurse! (I wasn't the only one confused by her presence. I'm serious.) Now I'm not a big fan of vaccinations against the flu... I mean, just buck up people. Also, I'm pretty sure that I've got a crazy good immune system after riding horses for 8 1/2 and never washing my hands before lunch at the barn.

Why do I love flu shot day, then?? The nurse brought lollipops!!! After waiting until everyone had gotten their shots, I looked into the conference room to find a bowl full of little candies. I decided on the apple charms blow pop... due to nostalgia for elementary school. Mmmmm... the gum is so tasty for like 5 seconds, before it loses all flavor... yummmmm...

I think that today's lollipop luck is a sign of the good decision I made last night. I don't know how many of you I've told, but things have been rough for me for the past couple weeks. I wrecked my Dad's car, had a friend pass away, hurt my toe, and seemed to be attracting chaos at every turn. (Remember the old people? Yesterday I nearly hit a pedestrian while on my bike... that'll scare you shitless.) Meanwhile, I've been stressing myself out about things over which I have no control. Last night, after finally mentioning that I'm a mess to my Dad, we decided that I needed to chill the F*CK out.

So, here's how it goes:
1) I'm now sitting in a position where my computer screen only faces the wall behind me. This means that I can do things like type this blog when I have nothing to do at work, instead of shooting furtive glances around the office while trying to keep myself from dying of boredom.

2)Excuses for going not out with friends are hereby banned. I've got great friends out here... and they're much more fun than watching TV... even if I do have to take a few extra seconds to make myself presentable to the outside world before spending time with them. Not to mention that they're all ridiculous... so nights with them usually include laughing, dancing, singing, and general debauchery... my favorite kinds of stress-relief!!!

3) I'm changing my workouts. Yoga has proven to me that I'll go to the gym if I like what I'm doing. My running has been horrible and/or non-existent, so I'm changing it up. Look forward to hearing stories from Tae Bo, Spinning, and whatever other workout I decide to try on for size. We'll see if this gets me over to Mr. Himnasio more often. (Gym... for those who are reading this after just waking up.)

Anyway, I just got asked to do some research into Trader Joe's. (My boss asked me if I was familiar with them... ummm, excuse me??) This means that I will have to get back into the world of the working. Until next time, bitches!


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