21 October 2009

Mmmmm... Fashion!!!

What is today's motivation for my afternoon run?? FASHION. I want to wear it all!! Rachael and Kelley can both tell you all that my purchases can get quite a bit out-of-hand... leading to several days of rice/egg/cheese concoctions and ramen noodles in order to make sure I have money for washing my laundry. Now, disregarding all of the serious self-reflection that needs to happen as to my addictive relationship with all things accessory... Thinking about the fabulous look that I'm going to pull off, or how well I will be able to rock a simple t-shirt and jeans, totally gets me somewhere in my workout.

So, where does the inspiration come from?? Models? Eww... gross. Celebrities? Heck no, anyone can look fantastic if they're only seen photoshopped in 2-D (case-and-point: the Kelly Clarkson's recent retouch scandal). 99% of the fashion stuff we get pushed at us is uninventive, overly strategized, and lacking the personal touches that make fashion so much fun.

So instead, I take a lesson from real people in the street. My current motivational tool is The Sartorialist (The Sartorialist). This blog was started by a man who had a passion for photography and fashion, and decided to take it on the road. His photos are of real people walking the streets of Europe and the U.S., although he once (accidentally?) captured Adrian Grenier. Every one of them is the kind of person who thinks a bit out of the box with their clothes and look fabulous because of it.

Look through the photos (seriously... open up another tab right now) and you'll immediately start thinking about how you could morph your style to incorporate some of their genius. Slouchy pants, mixed textures, hair accessories, and the perfectly placed sneaker - it always looks seamless and easy. Today's chant as I make my way along the river-front? "High waisted pencil skirt... (breathe)... high waisted pencil skirt."


P.S. I must have been trying to impress the yogi yesterday, or I must have lost all ability to hold up my own body, because I've got an embarrassing amount of muscle soreness going on.

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