23 October 2009

Oh Noga!!

My legs were feeling funny all day yesterday after yoga, but I figured they were just sore. I mean... you bend your legs that many times, the muscles are bound to get sore eventually. So, I considered it to be no big thing... until my kickball game.

The ball was gently rolled towards me... I kicked... I started to run... and both of my thighs seized. Luckily, the ball was caught in the air and I was out (okay... weird logic, I know), so I only had to make it about half way to the base before getting to turn into our "dugout." Something was messed up. Badly. So, as I waited to be put in as pitcher, or for another attempt at running in the next inning, I tried to figure out what the heck I did.

And then I realized... I was an idiot. In yoga yesterday morning, we worked our way up to Dancer's pose for the entire hour. (Natarajasana) When we got there, we started by using a strap to deepen our stretch, and this is where I think I went wrong. See... I had just spent 45 minutes loosening up my legs, and so when I pulled my foot up behind my head... I actually pulled it up to my head. I have NEVER been able to do this before... NEVER... And there's no prior evidence that could have possibly convinced me that I should be able to! Of course, I was limber and high on yoga breathing, so it didn't hurt at the time, and I immediately did the exact same thing to the other side.

My metaphorical hypothesis is this: Muscles are like hair ties, and yesterday I wrapped my hair tie too tight around my ponytail, so that now it's slackened out and won't shrink back to it's original size. Luckily for me, muscles repair themselves - unlike hair ties, which constantly need to be replaced. (Can we all take a minute to think about how freakin' annoying it is that hairties are rendered useless after a week or so? If we can fit a terabyte of information onto a microchip, I believe we should able to create a longer-lasting rubber band wrapped in thread. Can I get an Amen?!)

Good news is: I found the excuse I needed to work from home today!!! I figured it was worth a try after my Dad had to lift me up off of the floor last night, because I had squatted and couldn't get up. Hooray!


P.S. My kickball team is undefeated!! Last night we won our 3rd game 17-2. Woohoo!! I also happen to be in love with my teammate who looks like a well-fed Jesus and sings/plays piano/is rhythm guitarist in a band. Tonight he's playing unplugged at a local bar, so I'm going to be there for support (and to once again steal his tambourine).

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