11 February 2011

My brother is awesome...

Here's a nice little text conversation that I had with my brother last night while I was giddy off of my evening's event:

Me: A boy likes me!
Brother: Oh God. Please tell me he's over 18.
Me: Man. 29
Brother: Awesome! Do you like him?
Me: Yes! I wouldn't have told you that he liked me if I didn't like him. Guys liking me is par for the course.
Brother: True! Sounds great! Don't tell mom if he's some sort of sexual deviant

Oh yes... that last part is something that I'll have to explain. My mom likes to take one attribute of a guy, be it real or imagined, and call him by that attribute for the rest of time. My poor friend Dan is the sexual deviant. Brian is the robot. Mike is the stoner/pot dealer. The list goes on...


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