01 February 2011

Things I learned in California...

After 4 days in California, I realized that I had learned A LOT. I figured I'd share the knowledge.

1) Against all "evidence" to the contrary, I have not decreased my frequency of sticking my foot in my mouth. As it turns out, my Boston friends are just willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and let it slide. (Thank you, Boston friends.)

2) When big dudes mention wanting to take hallucinogens, you should kick them out immediately, because big dudes will do what they want, no matter what you say.

3) Ike's sandwiches at Stanford are totally worth the hour and a half wait at lunchtime. Aaron, the awesome guy behind the counter that will have you laughing within 0.5 seconds, is also worth the wait.

4) NEVER drive to the city for dinner on a Saturday night. Get there in the morning and stay, or just don't go. It will be the most frustrating drive/parking experience of your life.

5) I can easily eat 2/3 of a roll of grands biscuits.

6) Striking up a conversation with old ladies at a cafe can be incredibly fun. Also, apparently Maddie does not want to be an adorable old lady, as she would prefer to steal food and have it be blamed on her senility.

7) Slumber parties are awesome at any age.

8) Barrone's is still like catnip to kids I went to school with, even 6 years later.

9) My job is making me a bitter person.

10) Despite all statements to the contrary, my actions would point to me not wanting a relationship any time in the near future.


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