04 February 2011



So if any of y'all have been watching the news, you might have noticed that Boston has been getting COVERED in snow. Last night, a friend and I decided to take advantage of such an abundance. Below, I will show you the steps it took to get a really underwhelming masterpiece, which was several hours in the making. My toes were extremely mad at me for traipsing around in the snow without putting on an extra pair of socks, but it was SO. WORTH. IT.

Here's how to make snow-awesomeness, Katie-style.

Step 1) Prepare colored water in left-over bottles in the apartment using food dye from your cupcake supplies.

Red, Yello, Blue, Green... Probably should have set up some purple.

Step 2) Go outside, pour the colored water evenly over an area of snow, fall over a few times when your feet get stuck, laugh really hard, and turn the colored snow into snowballs. 

Justin G. and I made way too many jokes about blue balls.

Step 3) Prepare the snow palate by beating it senseless while yelling, "KEE-YAI!"

Step 4) Spend 15 minutes trying to find something funny to write, give up, and write something obvious but mildly sexual using the colored snowballs. 

"Plow Me"

Step 5) Take more photos, so that people can actually see what you wrote.

Step 6) Decide to write another message that no one will understand, because it's an inside joke between you and Justin G.

"Bee Goo" - It fixes everything.

Step 7) Celebrate! Attempt to revive your toes, which have almost become frostbitten. Realize you're extremely sleepy. Go to sleep.

Step 8) Check to make sure it's still there in the morning.


Step 9) Text a photo to your mom, because she's someone you can count on to be excited about things that really aren't that exciting. :-)


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