18 March 2010

Google image adventure...

So, my feet happen to smell like this right now:

I don't know why. It just happened... but it got me thinking that maybe I could find a photo of a foot with butter on it. Sadly, that didn't turn out to be easy, since tons of foot lotions out there happen to be made with shea butter... sigh. So, I tried typing "foot+butter" into google. That's how I found this:

Apparently, some people really can't do without having the ability to turn a stick of butter into a 10-foot-long ribbon. According to the site, it will revolutionize your butter experience. What I think will truly revolutionize your butter experience, however, is this:

Butter Superman will save you one dry serving of mashed potatoes at a time!!! Or perhaps one piece of toast at a time... In which case, he'll need to use the next item on the list... found when I tried to google "foot+stick+butter." (Unless his butter fingers can regenerate... Hmmm...)

Not going to lie... I'm kind of intrigued by this product, as the butter can be spread evenly and accurately across the extent of your toast. It also makes you feel like you're back in kindergarten and this time it's totally okay if you eat the glue stick!!!

I feel like I might be able to find what I was originally looking for by researching foot fetishes... but we all know how well that's going to go...


1 comment:

Boomka said...

You know I constantly say to myself, "How come I can't find a machine to put a ribbon of butter on this waffle. Am I alone in my needs here? WHY MUST LIFE BE SO HARD?" I know its a bit of a long sentence but I mean it. And now, thanks to your investigative journalism, I mean, there it is! Like a mirage int he desert! Granted I am not going to buy it, but I can be happy just knowing it exists. Fantastic!