23 March 2010


So last night I got a good night's sleep, finally. The combination of a mild coke zero addiction, daylight's savings, and discovering that Modern Family is GENIUS (once you get past the pilot) has led to several nights of insufficient sleep. Anyway, you'd think that I would have been out like a log, but it turns out my unconscious self had just been waiting to come out and play.

First of all, I woke up in the midst of a thought, which happened to be: "The tangerine is too far away this time." Where was the tangerine last time? Why did it move? What was happening that necessitated it being a certain distance from me? Also... I haven't eaten or even seen a tangerine in ages... so where did that come from?

As soon as that thought (and the subsequent questions that arose) had passed I realized that I had a song playing in my head. Which song? THIS ONE Do you know this song?? Apparently, I do. Turns out I have it on iTunes. I finally remembered that I had purchased it because I thought Jason Castro was awkward/adorable/hot and deserving of a little support. Perhaps my subconscious had created a scenario in which Jason Castro and I were falling in love again, and it turns out that the tangerine we both reached for  was too far away during our reenactment. With the tangerine being too far away, he reached it before I did, and we didn't have that brushing of hands that led to our whirlwind romance. DAMN YOU JASON CASTRO AND YOUR LONG, MAN ARMS!!! I don't mean it. Let's just move the tangerine, and try this again. 

Anyway, I got over the initial confusion, double-clicked the song on my computer, and hopped in the shower while singing along. Then, out of nowhere, I get this panic-stricken thought. KATIE, YOU FORGOT TO MESSAGE BEN BACK!!! I stood there under the water trying to remember if he had texted or Facebook messaged me, when I realized that he had done neither. Ben most certainly hadn't messaged me at all. So, then I start thinking: perhaps while I was fuming in my frustration about the tangerine thwarting my efforts to fall in love with Jason Castro again, I received a cryptic message from Ben... with just enough hope behind it to make me think that falling in love with Jason might not be the best idea. As I was waking up, subconscious Katie was rocking back and forth on the ground near the fruit stand, muttering to a confused Jason: "The tangerine is too far away this time... The tangerine is too far away this time... The tangerine is too far away this time..." As if the distance of the tangerine from me, and the timing of my text message, were omens of the disastrous effects of brushing hands with the man I thought I loved.

Which begs the question... why can't subconscious Katie get a break??


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