30 March 2010

Perfect Example...

Yesterday I put up a Facebook status that confused a few people... it said:

I will never work out at a co-ed gym again... and you can't make me!!!!

I then realized that absolutely nobody but may parents knew that I had just joined a women-only gym in Boston. I did! It's FANTASTIC!!!

Check it out: HealthWorks

The gym is beautiful, the classes are fun, the locker room is beyond imagination, the instructors have been rated #1 in Boston for the past 4 years, and as long as I'm wearing something that could be vaguely considered workout attire, I'm good to go!!

Now, it might seem like the presence of the opposite sex really isn't a big deal, but today there was an occurrence in my morning class that will serve as a perfect example of why my gym is so awesome, and why I will attempt to never work out at a co-ed gym ever again.

The Scene:

It's 6:15-ish in the morning. I'm wearing the same sports bra and tank top as yesterday, because yoga didn't really get me sweaty so much as sore. My instructor Eden has already made me laugh a couple times, and I'm sucking it real hard at Pilates, so it helps to have her cheering me up. After poor attempt to complete this one particular exercise with towels under my feet, she says it's time to increase the difficulty with a foam roller. I hesitantly grab the roller, stick it under my legs, and barely manage to budge while everyone else is making sweeping "pike" movements. No one's paying attention to me beside Eden, and she told me at the very beginning I wasn't going to have it easy, so at least I knew her expectations were low. Then, it happens. In my last desperate attempt to roll my body inward using just my abs, one of my legs slips across the sleek surface of the foam roller. It was... the most amazing imitation of a fart noise I have ever heard. I mean, no mistaking it... everyone in the incredibly quiet room had no doubt I had just farted, even though I hadn't. There was a slight pause, and then an uproar of laughter broke through the studio. Taking a queue from my jovial instructor, I announced loudly: "It was the foam roller! I swear!" Eden and the girls cracked up again, and before getting back to work, Eden said, "I like the new girl. She can stay." Once class was over, I went to introduce myself to Eden, since she seemed to know everyone else's name in the class. I told her I had a great time, and she responded, "Good! You're more than welcome to come back as long as you promise not to fart again." I giggled, told her I'd try my best, and went up to the locker room to change without a single drop of embarrassment.

That, ladies and gents, is why I would like to work out at this gym FOREVER, and never have to be a self-conscious exerciser ever again.


P.S. Today I wore my rain boots, and I walked in a puddle that was 6 inches deep!!! I burst out in the most joyous giggle ever known to man, and was stared at by many a disgruntled pedestrian.

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