22 March 2010

In the unlikely case...

That you haven't had this blog mentioned to you yet...

Hyperbole and a Half

The amazing Allie Brosh really has put the last nail in the coffin that is my aspirations of being a relevant blogger. Not that I was really serious about it... I mean, I kinda talk about myself, put up links, and just have a ton of photos of awesome cupcakes... but this girl would sweep the floor with anything I could create.

Brad, Kel, and I have all become hooked (Rach... you too??). We're friends with Spaghatta Nadle on Facebook, we read the posts during breaks between projects at work in order to keep our sanity (HEY... you try editing 300 pages of powerpoint in one sitting... okay??!!), and we discuss the fact that pie really IS better than cake. Now that I come to think of it... I'd like to debate her on pie v. cupcakes, because we all know I could kick ass in that debate. I won't win on humor or artistic representation, but when it comes to mastery of rhetoric and reason, I. WILL. WIN.

Anyhoodle, since the last time I posted something I wanted led to me getting said wanted item... I'm going to do it again. I want this, in celebration of my becoming a functioning member of adult society. Decide amongst yourselves as to who will get it for me.



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