16 March 2010

Life Update

It's now my third week in Boston, and I've been ridiculously busy. With the apartment hunt, starting the new job, setting up my 401k, health insurance, flexible spending plan, credit card, checking account, life insurance, gym membership, furniture, taxes, and having friends in town to keep me company the past two weeks, I'm not too surprised to say that I haven't had much time to keep in touch. I actually received a call from one of my best friends (yes, there are a few of you... I try not to descriminate) saying, "Hi, I'm calling to see if you might know where my friend Katie is. We used to talk a lot, and now she's disappeared." So, in addition to actually calling you all back, I'm going to give you a little update on the happenings in my life.

- My job is great!!! All of my coworkers are brilliantly sweet, and have been so helpful in getting me settled in and out of the office. Before I got here, I had offers from people to stay in their guest rooms if need be. Since I've arrived I've received doctor, salon, restaurant, shopping, housing, and financial advice to help ease my transition into adulthood. (Although the biggest help in the financial department has been Cort. He's been freaking amazing at helping me understand my investments!!!) Work wise, it's been a little slow, but today I'm getting read in on my first project!!! This might actually have me running out to Northern California a few times in the next couple months, so watch out!!!

- I found an apartment!!! After looking at horrible apartment after horrible appartment, I finally gave in and started looking for roommates. Within a week, I found Danielle and Antonina, who live in the most fantastic apartment in the Back Bay (trendy area). Market value for the apartment is $1000 over what we'll be paying in rent, so the place is really quite a ridiculous steal. We've got hardwood floors, a huge living/dining area, and a PRIVATE ROOFTOP DECK!!!! My room is pretty miniscule, but I have 2 closets (both will be full), and my guess is that I'll spend most of my time in our common space, anyway. Danielle and Antonina are both 24, will be a horrible influence on my shopping "habit," and are super sweet/smart/gorgeous/etc. Apparently Danielle's boyfriend often takes them out for drinks... his treat... so I'm quite looking forward to meeting him!

- The past two weekends I've been treated to visits from Rachael, Bradley, and Kelley. It's been a challenge trying to be a tour guide to my friends while attempting to figure out the city myself, but it was so wonderful having them around!!! Rachael's assessment of my future man at 3 a.m. after a night of drinking and dancing was by far and away one of my favorite moments. This was in addition to Bradley's awesome fashion show complete with cat calls and ass oogling, and my Marilyn Monroe marathon with Kelley. (If you haven't seen Some Like it Hot, you absolutely must!!! It's just as fantastic every time I watch it as it was the first time.)

- I don't think I've ever talked to my mother this much. Given that I am attempting to navigate all of this solo, my mother has gotten a ridiculous amount of emails, calls, and even faxes with details on my every move. It's quite possible I've been driving her a bit crazy, but she says that she's liked seeing me figure it all out, and she was a big fan of my idea of working out a loan for furniture with her and my Dad. (BIG FAN of the part where I said I'd pay them back.) She happens to loathe all things IKEA, which allowed for some negotiating in the "who pays/who can afford" discussion.

- My dating detox has been a breeze. It's so easy when you don't know ANY guys in the area. Or rather, when the only two guys you know in the area are your ex-boyfriend, and a guy who's still trying to get over his long-term girlfriend. I do have to say though, that once the detox is over, I'm very excited at my hypothetical prospects. Boston boys are CUTE!!! They're tall, they're white-bread american, they dress like men, and they're all German/Irish/other Western Europen descent... which I'm all about (as I'm sure I've told you). I'm totally enjoying the dating equivalent to window shopping.

I'm sure there's more to update, but my free time is running out, and I want to go grab some of Karen's banana bread before my meeting. (Mmmmmm... banana bread!!!) I'll try and give you all a call by this weekend!!!


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