26 April 2010

Me... a year ago...

I was looking through my notes on Facebook, and I found this! So here's 25 things about me as of Feb. 2009. Only a few things have changed... perhaps I'll use this as inspiration for more in-depth blog posts.

1) When I was younger, I desperately wanted to have a super power. One time I was able to guess the color of m&m's in my friend's hand correctly 7 times in a row. I was convinced that I had psychic abilities for the next year.

2) The only person I've ever been in love with was not my boyfriend.

3) I have cardigans, shirts, headbands, and earrings in every color of the rainbow (and almost all the colors of the rainbow in Chuck's), because I refuse to be mismatched at any point in time.

4) My driveway is 20 feet away from my front door back home, and I live in one of the safest cities in the US, but I still run from my car when I get home late at night.

5) I watched 3 seasons of Queer as Folk in a week. That is only one thing about my TV watching that is embarrassing.

6) One of the best nights of my life was in a gay bar in Marseille.

7) The Biggest Loser makes me cry. I once cried every hour at 10 to the hour because I was watching a Biggest Loser marathon. Why can't they just let the people stay and lose weight?

8) I have fallen off horses at least 18 times in my life. One of those times is caught on film as a succession of 5 shots. My trainers wanted to put it in our barn calendar.

9) You probably know this, but I get physically nauseous when I see fist fights. I saw someone get punched in Italy and nearly threw up in the street. Despite this, I hit people all the time. (But not maliciously.)

10) I have never been more happy then when poking sea anemones in the tide pools as a child (and as a teenager... it never gets old!).

11) My mom and I bonded before I left for college by going to Las Vegas and watching an all-male review. The guys had been part of a VH1 reality show, and my mom spent the whole time trying to get them to pull me up on stage.

12) I'm pretty positive I don't want kids. I'm way to selfish. However, I have this desire to set up a half-way house for homeless LGBT youth. I make no sense.

13) A few weeks ago, when I was drunk at Amy's house, I sat with her cat in my arms and cried. It finally hit me that my cat had died. I'm super glad no one walked in, because I would have looked like a mental case. (Thanks Roxie! You were very kind to me.)

14) Rednecks turn me on.

15) Sometimes I feel like organized religion has caused the death of spirituality.

16) I have a secret blog. Only 2 people have seen it, and I think I'll keep it that way.

17) Sometimes I tell myself that if I went on American Idol and they told me I sucked at singing, I'd appreciate their honesty. Really though, I'd cry like a baby and probably swear at the cameramen.

18) I once accidentally had my bra shown to tens of high school kids at church. Brandy Basset thought he had seen my boob for the next 3 years, and our church stopped freshman hazing. That was when I learned that it's not always a good idea to volunteer.

19) I am a proud member of Team Jacob. I am positive that I'd get fed up with Edward, despite the fact that he was created to be the perfect man. I don't need to hear how your life would end if you lost me... I would prefer you make fun of me.

20) I live my life a lot like I cook. I never read the directions and just hope for the best. (Examples: biscuit cookies, hot chocolate mousse, and many others.)

21) If I had it my way, chicken fingers would be a key element in a healthy diet, along with cheese fries.

22) Despite the fact that I've got a lot of friends, I have never been called someone's best friend.

23) There is only one thing in my life that was so embarrassing I won't talk about it. Everything else is up for grabs.

24) When I was 6, I wrote a note to a really cute 8-year-old boy at elementary school asking him if he'd run away with me.

25) I have an unhealthy obsession with Rachael's rice cooker.

Oh... by the way... If anyone wants to get me a birthday present in 7 months, a rice cooker would do just fine!


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