07 April 2010

On the T...

I finally gave in and decided to be a creepy person who takes stealth photos of other people on the T... and it totally paid off!!! First, there was snuggie lady, which I hope you all enjoyed. Now, I'd like to introduce you to two more fine specimen... both apparently freaked out by the idea of leaving the back of their heads unadorned.

Yes, that is an itty bitty pink sequin top hat complete with bow. She was also wearing a pseudo-ballet outfit, complete with fake ballet shoes. 

Now, this man was about 65-70 years old. This means that on top of having a rat tail (a sin above all other hair sins), in order for it to be that color... he has to dye it!!! To top the look off?? Morpheus sunglasses and motorcycle duds... despite his obvious lack of motorcycle (hence public transit on a beautiful, sunny day).


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