01 April 2010

So true... and perhaps a little sad...

Today, I typed this message to Kelley:

"When Katie tells you it's not worth the splurge, you know you need to listen."

Her response: "Hahahahahaha omg that is the truth."

Although this was 100% sound advice, it reminds me of the fact that I am a fairly expensive impulse buyer. Seeing as I'm 23 and am lacking in the cushy salary department, this might not be the best bad habit to have. Luckily, I've set up safety nets in the finances department. Like what? Well, let me tell you!! I've got a savings account that never gets touched, a credit card that I am only allowing myself to use for 1 purchase a month (so as to build up my credit score), 10% of my salary already deducted for my 401k, taxes somewhat generously removed from each paycheck, and a flexible tax-free spending account for my medical expenses.

So, what this means is that my shopping "habit" will not affect my health, my taxes, or my retirement, although I'm certain it will relegate me to only eating eggy-cheese-rice (ask Kel and Rach about that one) and ramen at least a few times a year. I figure when you're a bit of a shopaholic, the only way live with the addiction is to limit the dollar amount that shows up in your checking account, otherwise it's just way too tempting.

Anyone got any better ideas? Anyone want me to look at something you want to buy and give you the permission you've been looking for?? It's 95% likely I'll tell you to go for it!!!


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