12 April 2010

Quickly now!

I decided to blog this morning before my call, since my 9:30 debriefing marks the start of my next project, and thusly will end my short but sweet free time. I've been snapping photos like a crazy person, and thought I'd share a couple!!!

Firstly... This guy hopped on the T and just made me smile. After snuggies and creepy old dudes in Morpheus sunglasses, he was such a breath of fresh air.

Showing some redhead love.

How freakin' cute is that bow tie?! The blue paired wonderfully with his hair and eyes, and the khakis were a nice fit with dress shoes that matched his belt. HOORAY!!!

Secondly, I keep having these moments that make me realize that choosing Boston as my new home was a wonderful idea. (I mean... besides the fact that there's a shopping district 3 blocks away from the mall and 5 blocks away from another shopping district.) Here's one:

Wind Scootering!!!

I chanced upon this guy as I was leaving the gym. My gym happens to be located in one of the most ridiculous wind tunnels, and my man here was fully taking advantage of it. Coolness factor?? 8.5

Speaking of gyms... who's gym just won "Best Women-Only Gym in America" by Fitness magazine??

That's right... MINE!!!!! Thanks to yoga, pilates, zumba, african cardio dance, and a free training session with Ian, I've shed 3 lbs in my 2 weeks of membership!!!

To add even more to the awesomeness of Boston:


If you haven't seen my tattoos, you might not know this, but pansies are my absolute favorite flower. (Yes, I recognize and appreciate the irony of getting a pansy painfully carved into my body. It's like 1/8 of the reason why I love my tattoo.) Boston is COVERED in pansies!!! This is a lovely window box near where I live, and you can see them in street gardens, lining the outdoor seating of cafes, in the public park, in pots, really anywhere you can put something that requires dirt, sun, and water, they're there!!!

Also, what's 4 blocks away from me?

BPL playas!!

This is the beautiful Boston Public Library. The librarians here are baller, the rooms are beautiful, and it's a place that lets me read books when I've spent all my money on shoes. (Although recently, all my money has been going towards making my apartment livable. Surprisingly, it still gives me shopper's buzz!) 

And speaking of my apartment... when the day is done and the sun is about to set, I get to sit on my ROOF TOP and drink in the view while I eat my dinner.

Looking south... which is not where the sun sets...
compliments of my roommates.

I'll take another picture from the roof, as I think my roommates unfortunately decided to show the less appealing direction... but you get the idea. 

Let's not forget that when I went out on Saturday I danced with a med student, a radiologist, a guy who works for pfizer, a grad student, and several other guys where I didn't take the time to get to know their exciting careers. Whaat??!! (Radiologist suckered me into giving him my number, and I have yet to decide if I'll accept his dinner offer... I mean, I'm on a detox people!!!) 

And goodness knows how, but the 5 different fashion styles that I sport any given day all seem to fit in. Want to pretend I'm hipster? Fine. Feeling preppy? Totally okay. Sporting business chic? Wonderful. Bringing back the bohemian feel of the West Coast? Nicely done. Rocking the piercings? Practically bland! (Today's look: gray brogues with cuffed skinny leg jeans and a ralph lauren plaid ruffle top. I'm feeling adorbs!)

Anyhoodle, you can get the gist of why Boston seems like it just might be a perfect fit! A post will come soon where I tell you about all of the things I've discovered I don't love about the city... but they're more comical than anything else. 

Now... don't you want to come visit???!!!


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