12 April 2010

Oh, right...

... and did I mention that my hair is TWO FREAKING COLORS???!!! It would appear that I refuse to learn that home hair experiments are a horrible idea. The box said medium ash blond, which is my natural hair color, so I thought: "Hey, great! Do this and maybe I'll never have to dye/highlight my hair again!" WRONG. OH SO WRONG!!! Somehow the color took differently to the top half of my head then it did to the bottom half... which has left me with a strawberry blonde top fading very ungraciously into what can only be described as gray-blonde tips. First of all... how the heck did my hair come up with a light strawberry blonde from a dye that was supposed to make it a dark ashy-blonde? It's as if it patently refused to acknowledge the laws of chemical processing!!! Secondly... WTF??? GRAY???!!! I know that ashes are gray... but this was not supposed to be literal!!! HEAVENS TO BETSEY!!! (Johnson... all hail!!!)

So... in my attempt to save myself the cost of regular trips to the hair salon, I've created a hair DEBACLE. I have to leave the office at lunch today to meet with someone and sort this sh*t out. I'm about 50/50 as to my faith that whoever they are will be able to help me. For all I know, I'll have to become a brunette first before anything can be fixed. Or... goodness forbid... I'll have to wear HATS for the next year. (*Shudder*... I don't look good in hats.)



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