16 June 2010


In light of yesterday's temporary and premature quarter-life crisis, I thought I'd make a list of some of the small things that never fail to make me giggle to myself.

- Big, tattooed men walking little, yappy dogs.
- Rolling my ankle in front of a large group of people.
- Strangers trying to pick their nose/smell their pits/fix their hair without anyone noticing, and failing miserably.
- This only happened once... but a couple days ago a woman nailed her son (a toddler) with her purse, and the kid barely batted an eye. I cracked up in front of everyone on the bus.
- People accidentally wearing clothing inside out.
- Open flies on guys who give off an "air of douche."
- The fact that everyone in the office has to walk past me to get to the bathroom, and they are all self-conscious about it.
- Accidentally typing "go tit" instead of "got it."
- Seeing a line outside of the men's room.
- Stupid things that come out of guys mouths when they are trying to seduce you. The list of things I've heard is long, inappropriate, and hilarious!
- Anything miniature.
- People wearing "surf inspired" clothing by Hollister, which is located inland in California... not on the beach.
-  Hair gel.


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JennySays said...

hahaha I feel SO uncomfortable walking by this girl to go to the bathroom. I bet she hates/loves it.