22 June 2010

Soooooo hot!!! Want to touch the heiny!!!

So, today I discovered that Netflix had free streaming of "Gods of Football." All of the rugby teams in Australia pulled their most attractive men to pose for a nude calendar, which was then sold to benefit breast cancer research. (Yay for so many reasons!!!) "Gods of Football" is the documentary of the making of the calendar. In other words... 120 minutes of naked/clothed-but-perfectly-styled men!!!

I was about 80 minutes of giggle-inducing fun in, when I came to the realization that I might be paying attention to a certain feature that most women don't. What might it be?

THIGHS!!!!! I don't quite know why, but the main reason why I think rugby players are the hottest men on earth is the fact that they have outrageously thick thighs. There's something about big strong thighs that just really gets me going... it's actually much more of a primal feeling than I get from any other part of a man. I even get a little hot and bothered when I see big-thighed men in jeans. The way the tough cotton is tighter around their leg... MMMMMMMMMM.

Eh hem... Does this make me weird?


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