01 June 2010

The site of future memories...

Here is a very long pictoral tour of our place at Bray's Island. Hopefully it will inspire you all to make the trek with me sometime!!! (Note: artwork isn't up yet, and if you know my parents, you know it will be EPIC.)

View from the dirt road: almost invisible!
Coming up the drive on your right: Garage.
Coming up the drive to the house.
Front Porch... still unfurnished
One view from the front porch.
Another view from the front porch.
TV room off the entry.
View #2.
Living Room
KItchen #2 - awesome cabinets!!! (and Mom)

Bar room off the kitchen.

Dining room shot #1

Dining room shot #2

Master Bedroom.

Master Bath #1 (It requires 2 shots... you'll see why.)

Master bath #2 with what I call the "orgy shower." Mom doesn't like that name.

Checking out the back porch before we head upstairs.You can get a glimpse of the paddocks.

Back yard in the rain.

Back yard after the rain stopped.

Now... Time to go upstairs...
Cort's Room
My Room
Bunk Room #1 (a.k.a. your room, unless you're sleeping with me.)

Bunk Room #2 (The beds are extra-long twin so that adults can fit.)

AWESOME farm sink.

That's it! Now when are you going to come visit???


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