15 June 2010

I need rest...

Hey there everyone!

You ever have one of those weekends where you're more exhausted at the end of it then you were before it started? Given how absolutely ridiculous last week was, I didn't think it was possible. Yesterday I even chose to work from home to try and recuperate... only to spend 5 hours putting together furniture. (I twisted so many screws that my right thumb turned red and started swelling...)

What I'm trying to say is that I had a fun weekend, but still can't get a coherent thought together about which I can blog. In the meantime... here are some things I have learned.

- Ikea has good phone service until you hit the actual storage facility. If you try and take a business call there... you will break up every few minutes, and you'll also have to cover the mouth piece every time the speaker system starts: "Attention Ikea shoppers..." It will be nerve wracking. 

- Ikea  is a time warp. 15 minutes on the inside is 3 hours to the outside world. 

- Sting is stupendous in "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels." Who knew he could be so bad-ass?

- Best hangover breakfast: Cheese omelet with a side of PB&J.

- Almost everyone I know in Boston likes having their butt slapped. 

- Kickball people really and truly are the best people in the world. 

- It's extremely tempting to ignore all of my "potential," and just go and do something that will make me happy every day of my life. 

- Be completely oblivious to boys... and they will come. 

- As long as I stay relaxed, I can kick ass at flip cup.

- I truly do live up to the name Chickaboom. 

- Showers are way more fun with company. 

- Waking up early to do work is a great idea, until you leave your keys to the office at home. 

- Buck Hunter is harder than it looks. 

- Tequila is an upper. 

- I have amazing self-control, until I don't want to... ;-)

- Mega Tots at Trident are not nearly as delicious as they seem like they would be. 

- Using your blackberry in the passenger seat of a car will make you carsick. 

- "Flashlights" don't look like what I thought they'd look like. 


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