07 June 2010

Pub-Cake Crawl!!!

Hello my loves!

Saturday several members of my kickball team got together for a Pub-Cake Crawl. From 3:00-8:00 we hopped from a bakery/cupcake shop to a pub and back... and it was FANTASTIC!!! My submission for the homemade round marked Week 1 for my baking adventures!!!! I've made these before, but not this recipe, and not this delicious... get ready... it's a FEAST for the EYES!!!

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes
(Adjusted recipe... hehe.)

Step 1: Chocolate Guinness Cakes - Breathe it in... There is nothing that smells more delicious then Guinness, butter, and cocoa powder simmering in a pan... NOTHING!!!

Step 2: You don't have time to make chocolate ganache this weekend, and last time it turned out a mess, so hide Hershey's Kisses in the cupcakes by dropping them upside-down in the batter before tossing the pan in the oven. One might peek out... but no worries.


Step 3: Make Bailey's Icing - Forget to eat breakfast and wind up slightly tipsy from getting a little too liberal with your icing tasting. There should also be a good sugar buzz going on from sampling the Hershey's Kisses.

Step 4: Drop enormous dollops of icing on cooled cakes and spread. Yes, it would be nice to create fun icing decorations, but you're supposed to be in Somerville in an hour, and you haven't even showered!

Step 5: Marvel at how delicious they look, and convince yourself not to eat one. You said you'd bring 2 dozen, and 2 dozen you will bring!

Step 6: Store extra Bailey's icing for breakfast tomorrow... that's right... morning buzz is kind of fun!!!

Step 7: Pick up a cupcake and almost eat it, and then put it back down!!! YOU WILL RESIST TEMPTATION!!!

Step 8: Eat frosting to try and fill the cupcake-sized whole in your heart. 

Step 9: Fill up enormous tupperware with all the cupcakes, put the lids on so that you can pretend they're not there, and get in the shower!!! You're running horribly late!!!

Step 10: Carry heavy cupcakes on the T for your 45 min commute to Somerville. Get confused when a guy asks if he can have one of your "cookies."

Step 11: Eat a cupcake on the front porch of a friend's house while you're waiting for them to arrive. Curse the gods for making it 90 degrees outside - a temperature not conducive to icing staying solid or mass consumption of sugar and/or alcohol. 

Step 12: Try and write a blog post and realize you really should have taken more photos. Especially one of everyone enjoying your cupcakes. Oops!


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