11 January 2011

I take it back!!!

After a couple months off, I realized that I miss blogging! Not only that, but I finally came up with some things to blog about. So... things to look forward to:

- Internet Dating: I'll tell you the full story later, but these posts will surely give you some giggles. I'll be posting some of the worst/funniest messages I've been receiving from OKCupid.com. I might also share some stories about dates. I've been on a lot by now, and some of them have wound up quite... bizarre. Maybe one day I can turn this into a book called "Faking It."

- Roommate Drama: T-7 months until my lease is up on this apartment, and I can find a new place to live, so I'll need an outlet to vent about the happenings at Casa de las très chicas muy différentes.

- Going back to school: I've decided I'm going to take the plunge and apply to grad school. This means retaking the GREs, talking to professors, writing applications, and pulling my hair out because I'm trying to do it simultaneously with work.

- Work: What pays for my rent, but keeps me frustrated on a fairly constant basis. It's amazing how messed up things can get when you have a bunch of smart people in a confined space.

- Cupcakes! Still love 'em. Still make 'em. But it turns out they're a more expensive habit than I originally thought. (Oops!) I'll try and fit them into my budget, so I can take pictures of my future experimental  batches!

- Random thoughts/stories/observations: Everybody's got them, but mine tend to be unusual.

So, if you find out this is here again... come read!


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