12 January 2011

Why I am on OKCupid... honestly.

So... I admitted it. I'm an online dater. Yup... it happened.

And you know what? It's fun!!!

It all started as a means to have something to do on a Friday night. When I moved to Boston, I really didn't have ANYONE to hang out with. I needed people to go to museums with, walk along the Charles, explore new restaurants and bars, learn the lay of the land, and just get comfortable in a new city. Seeing as I knew kickball was going to be a few months away, and my roommates and I never quite hit the point of actually hanging out together outside the apartment, online dating seemed like an interesting idea. Particularly since I seem to be able to handle awkward with a certain level of grace and sense of humor.

Did it accomplish that? Sure! I mean, there was one week where I didn't buy myself a single dinner. I made it to the Institute of Contemporary Art, ate some of Boston's most famous pastries, sang at a karaoke legend before it had to close down, learned about greater Boston's neighborhood-based art walks (you get to go into artists' studios to see their work, and the environment they create it in!), gotten to discover new bands, done cupcake tours, found out that I really do like beer, finished off a few bottles on wine, and done several other things that I'm sure I've now forgotten were part of a "date."

Then the question comes along... why am I still internet dating? And there are multiple answers. The first is that online dating is quite a hilarious process. I receive messages every week that range from brilliant to unimaginative to creepy, I go on dates that are so awkward they're hilarious, and I have more stories to tell about funny moments than I know what to do with. (All will be shared in due time.) For instance, why would I give up "email" brilliance like this?

I just liked sweet awesome profile and you have awesome personality. Do you mind get to know me?

And I have question for you: Do you think that when we say: “I love you” In that love there is always the sense of possessing and being possessed? ( if you don’t mind we can start conversation about these two questions and please feel free to ask question too

66% match 60% friend 37% enemy

Note: "Enemy" rating is when someone has answered a question in a manner that falls outside of my "mandatory" acceptable answers. This could be things along the lines of children, monogamy, politics, common decency, etc.

Another answer is that it still gives me options of things to do if I have a boring night ahead. And... AND... sometimes I really have some fun! Not all the guys are a mess. I've had several encounters with awesome guys, some where I saw a little potential, and some where I'm attempting to transform our relationship into friendship (how's that going? ...Well...ish.). 

Online dating is also a perfect distraction from any possible pitfalls emanating from the traditional means of meeting guys. I meet tons of people through friends and my activities around Boston, but really... the pickings have yet to be anything but slim. So, why not expand my horizons? 

Finally, it gives me something to blog about! We'll see if the messages keep coming in, but I have a nice little backlog for the moment to keep you all entertained. Hooray!

That's it. Seriously. It's that simple. Am I looking for everlasting love? No. Am I looking for flattery? No... but it's a nice perk. Can't a girl just take advantage of an opportunity right in front of her? And then blog about it?


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