19 January 2011

I'd say he's a winner...

Needless to say, I chuckled pretty hard when these two gems popped up in my message box:

Message #1:

Wait, was it hilariously fuck a serious girl?
or seriously fuck a hilarious girl?
or fuck a hilariously serious girl...

I swear I'm not that sleezy, 'just wanted your attention ;)

Cute, cute, CUTE!! Hey, I like writing thoughtful messages but I'm starting to think nobody on here replies to ANYTHING! Write me back, then I'll write you something better than this, promise. You're just too cute and I thought I'd make an attempt at getting on your radar :)

Have a swell day!

Message #2:

Ooops! 'Not going to bullshit you, that last message was a copy/paste that applied to someone else. I meant to only send you the "Cute, cute, CUTE" part, onward. Although, I do only send it to girls who really strike me for one reason or another, so, hopefully there's a compliment in there somewhere :)

Apparently I should be okay with him stock messaging me, because he only does it for special girls!!! I'm SPECIAL!!! ;-)


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JennySays said...

hahaha that's amazing