17 January 2011

I like cupcakes and making out...

I joined a Facebook group called, "I like cupcakes and making out" my freshman year of college. (That's right! I liked cupcakes before the whole cupcake storm hit the United States!) You might remember that I referenced this same Facebook group several months back... Here. Anyway, I've always remembered that I love cupcakes, but some lackluster kissing partners made me forget how much I love making out.

Until last night...

But let's back up, and think of who I've been making out with for the past several months.

Well, there was this guy who's name I honestly can't remember right now. He was cute, and he... OH! His name was Drew. Having blog archives is so helpful! Anyway, we made out like... once. I don't know why I wasn't all about it, because the kid really was hot, but he didn't put any sort of OOMPH behind his kiss. It was lazy. Lazy lazy lazy, and that's a kissing sin.

Then there was Bobby. Bobby's tongue was big. I'm not kidding! It was really thick, and just kind of took over my mouth. I mean, the making out wasn't horrible, but my tongue felt a little crowded.

Next was Sam. Okay... Sam was very fun, but we didn't exactly have make-out sessions. We'd make out for a grand total of about 2 minutes before moving elsewhere and playing... ahem... well... you know. So, Sam was fun for a whole different reason.

Then there was Howard. With Howard, it also wasn't 100% about the kissing. Or, at least, not on the lips. He had a big thing for necks, and torsos, and arms, and ears, and only after attending to them heavily, he'd actually kiss my lips for a little bit. I'm not complaining!!! I will never be able to look at lemon mousse again without getting a little hot under the collar. It just... wasn't the high-school style making out that I live for.

Then there was Stephen. It was fun... but the next day I found out he wasn't interested in me, which soured the memory a bit.

Oh! There was that one horrible kisser thrown in somewhere around there. (He inspired the bad-kissers post back in April.) I had actually spent the whole date practicing my moderating skills, and apparently gave him the impression that I was extremely interested. So, he walked me home and pounced on my lips. Not only was I not attracted to him, but the kiss was like an epileptic fit. There was no control, no rhythm, no sense of direction. It was like a baby bird trying to feed. Just... awful! I actually pulled away at one point and said, "Look, it would appear that we just aren't getting our act together." To which he replied:

"Just give me a second to get used to you."

What?! Making out is as natural as BREATHING people!!!! I was shocked, stunned, speechless. I made him go home.

Anyway, last night brought me back to my love affair with good-ol' fashioned making out. The kind where you are making out just for the sake of making out. Hearty, fog-up-your-glasses making out. Don't-care-who-sees-you-because-you-have-forgotten-other-people-exist making out. Tingles-from-head-to-toe making out. Desperate-for-contact making out. It was like I was 17 again, catching a make-out session in the back of my car before dashing home to make curfew. It was the best thing that has happened to my mouth since making out with Steven during my going-away party way too long ago to admit.

And it was all thanks to Justin. THANK YOU JUSTIN!

I'll hold off on telling you about Justin. Brad tells me I get too excited about the good ones, so I'm just going to focus on the fact that I had a great make-out session with a cute boy, and was reintroduced to an old love of mine. It's so nice to have it back!

Go make out with someone today!!!


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