10 November 2009

My teeth have slippers...

I totally forgot to brush my teeth this morning. I was running late, it was raining, and I was trying to get my mom out of bed so I could get a ride to work... and so it just happened.

Now, a while ago I was told that it doesn't matter when you brush your teeth, just that you do it twice a day. So, HOORAY!!!! My teeth will live to see another day!!! Unfortunately, however, it does matter when you brush your teeth with respect to air quality... if you know what I mean...

So today I've been remaining at least 3 feet away from people at all times. In the one scenario in which someone came into my 3 foot bubble, I turned my head towards my computer to, "look at what they were talking about." It felt kind of like the time I had a huge zit in the middle of my forehead in middle school. The whole day I tried to make sure that the only thing people saw of me was my profile. (Try that out... it's practically impossible.) And... when I inevitably failed... I tried to tell people that a mosquito bit me while I was asleep. Best response of the day was: "Oh man, that sucks, 'cause it looks just like a zit!" Curses!!! How could my ingenious plan have failed??!!

The other thing that I did today to avoid offending people was to eat massive amounts of candy. I highly doubt that my chocolate goodies did much besides make the uncleanliness of my teeth worse... but what a fantastic excuse!!


P.S. I was reading through our idea box at work, and my mentor here wrote: "Make all of the interns dress up as pigs for staff meetings." I put it in his face and said: "Not funny... but it does mean I'd actually be allowed to attend staff meetings!!!" With that thought in mind, I drew a pig on the little slip of paper, and put it back in the idea box.

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