17 November 2009

Ninja Intern!!

Let me first say that I am an excellent employee... when I'm given work. As an intern, sometimes people forget that I have nothing to do unless they give me an assignment. In those periods of time, I have to be creative and secretly find ways to entertain myself. Here's a list of a few things I've done in the office without anyone noticing...

- Place ebay bids, spend an hour shopping for shoes, hunt etsy for the best priced jewelry supplies

- Watch an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" (1 hr 40 min)

- Write every blog post I've ever written.

- Download and Listen to the entire Glee soundtrack, complete with humming and whispered singing

- Read 200 MLIA posts while copying and pasting almost all of them into a conversation with Kelley

- Dismantle a portion of my desk with a screwdriver (in a dress and 4" heels...)

- Stare at the broken copying machine for 15 minutes

- Laugh out loud (including a snort) without a single twitch from anyone in the office

- Die inside at the site of a nameless superior's playboy magazine. (I know this isn't exactly something that people would notice... but I really need other people to share in my horror. Who get's playboy delivered to an office full of women? A creeper... that's who.)

- Fall asleep... I remained seated and apparently looked like I was working on my laptop. (I know this because I asked Joni if anyone noticed.)

- Leave. I have actually gotten up and left the office without anyone noticing.

Now that I've figured out that I can get away with a fair amount of tomfoolery... I kinda want to push the boundaries. I need ideas of things to do!! Bradley told me to poop in a cup, but that really wasn't constructive. I know you can be constructive.


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