19 November 2009


So, today I needed to tell a friend where to pick me up. We have a kickball game tonight at 7:30... 5 hours from now... and this is what transpired:

Katie: Btw... I live at _______. Just let me know when you want me to be ready to go.

Anonymous: Be ready in ten minutes. We're getting there a little early today.

K: I'm on it!!! Let me just step into the nearest telephone booth...

A: To the bat cave! Practice makes ass whoopins

K: Way to mix n' match graphic novel heroes... In your scenario, would I have to be robin?? I'd much prefer to be alfred pennyworth. He oozes class.

A: I'm Morgan Freeman

K: Okay... You're jumping all over the place. Morgan Freeman, mythical though he may be, is not a character, but rather an actor. If we're just being anyone... I'm Buddha.

A: Morgan Freeman in Batman. Mr. Fox, I think?

K: Well... Then you should have imdb'd that first, and been more accurate. I will remain buddha despite his absence in any part of the batman franchise.

A: His presence is felt everywhere

K: That it is... Just as my presence is felt everywhere. I've been told it has a calming affect, no?

A: Like herbal tea

K: Brilliant

A: And I'm Richard Thomas

K: Oh my god... John-Boy??!! All the sudden Buddha doesn't seem nearly as awesome

A: Richard Thomas the founder of Bojangles

K: Same name... I personally prefer John-Boy from the Waltons

A: yeah, he's cool, but he didn't create the tastiest, fluffiest, butteriest, most beautiful biscuits on the face of the earth

... and the convo is still going. Does anyone else think this turned out as awesome as I do??


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