03 November 2009

No fun... but some fun too!

OH MY GOD IT WAS DARK OUTSIDE WHEN I WALKED OUT OF THE OFFICE!!!! That was a horrible feeling... and I never want it to happen again.

Here are funny things about my day:

- I was filmed for a commercial in which a cooked turkey hits on women at a bar.

- I was invited on a road trip with the president of our company. I was then told that he'd talk to me for a bit, and then probably fall asleep.

- I had the most beautiful pair of boots arrive at my house today, but the height of a heel and lack of zipper make it impossible for me to put my foot in... although I was seriously tempted to try until either they or my foot broke.

- For the majority of the day, I was wearing an eyeball ring that I got from atop a cupcake.

- Wearing spanx all day is a horrible idea. At first it's fine... but then you eat, and you sit, and things start getting super claustrophobic.

- I sat and watched part of my dad's workout today for the specific purpose of being close to his personal trainer. Try and find Ian Blake online... or perhaps I'll try and do that for y'all... cause he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

- My mother is eating yogurt next to me while I'm blogging... it's not necessarily funny... but it will explain why my post is ending now.


P.S. Never blog when there's the possibility that your mom might come and sit down next to you.

P.P.S. Yes, I know that had nothing to do with fitness... Deal.

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