26 January 2010

Best forward of all time...

My friend Jenny forwarded me an email with these photos, entitled: "What chefs do when they're bored." I thought it was so fantastic that I downloaded every single photo, so that you could also enjoy it. I added captions in case you've already seen these and are in need of further entertainment...


When bad collagen injections happen to good fish.

Linearly challenged leap frogs.

Terry teaches the other penguins about where babies come from.

Kenny stealthily sneaks a peak.

Billy just found out that he is not, in fact, a kumquat.

Mr. Papaya Pig does not approve.

George was embarrassed to find that the only other things "in the raw" were the appetizers.

Kevin Kiwi and the unfortunate ice cream incident.

Childhood obesity... not just dangerous for the fat kid.

This is absolutely frightening.

Ned was nervous. Very nervous.

I dare you to not think about a dirty joke involving peanut butter.

Jalapeno puppy wondered why he smelled bacon...

Octobanana... 8 legs of unrelenting evil.

All he was looking for was a friend to call his own.

Luckily, so was Olly.

Bart's mom told him he shouldn't have blown that bubble so big.

"The Lemons" got their name for a reason. Gossiping bitches were sour as shit.

Katie figured if she stared at it long enough, perhaps a dead baby joke would come to mind.

This yam reminds me of a cartoon character. $10 to whoever can tell me which.

Once again Sammy ruined the Christmas card photo.

The kids on the magic school bus were excited for their field trip.
Little did they know of the shit they would face in the bowel.

Lily was glad to see that the rain had finally stopped.

They wanted to know if it would be creepy to kiss with their eyes open.
It was.