06 January 2010

New Moon... Bad Influence??

I don't know about all of you, but I actually felt very uncomfortable the whole time I was watching part II of the Twilight saga. Why? Well, because of this...

The movie kept putting this all up in my face - once even dripping with rain! As we all know, Taylor Lautner is 17... which is several years shy of me. As a human being with a sense (how ever small it may be) of morals, I couldn't seem to rectify his age with the sort of sexuality oozing out of every ripple of his muscles. I was horny. I was grossed out. I was conflicted.

And what did Twilight have to offer in the non-jail bait age range, that I may direct my focus elsewhere?

Before the movie, I was sure this would do. I mean... that's a hot little number on the poster. However, much to my dismay, what I truly saw on the screen (in addition to all his whining), was this:

And this, children, is why I believe New Moon supports statutory rape. (Not to mention the fact that Edward remains 17-years-old forever, while Bella hits legal age before being turned.)


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