11 January 2010

Thoughts from 33,000 feet...

Yesterday I traveled all day, and kept coming up with odd little thoughts... so finally I started writing them down.

- People should have figured out metal detectors by now. If you have metal on you, it will beep. Jewelry is metal... change is metal... cell phones and iPods have metal in them... It's not so difficult. One time through should really be all it takes to figure it out, which is why I'm even more confused as to why older people don't get it. Metal detectors have been in the airport since the 70's!!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

- Once you eat double stuffed Oreos, no other frosting-to-cookie ratio will do.

- As soon as restaurants hit a certain status, they seem to make the decision that yellow mustard is too low-brow. Why the mustard snobbery?

- People who do crossword puzzles in pen are badass, until they're doing then in-flight crossword, then they're just an ass. (I did mine in pencil so that I could erase it and leave the crossword for someone else to enjoy.)

- I've started to realize that people seem to intentionally avoid using the word, "moist."

- Besides making sure not to get the middle seat, I'm completely ambivalent about airplane seating. Window seat gives you a place to rest your head when you sleep, and you don't have to move if someone in your aisle needs to pee. However, that seat is almost always 10 degrees colder than the adjacent ones, and you have to wake everyone up if you need to pee. Aisle seat allows you to get up to pee freely, but you have to move if anyone in your aisle wishes to evacuate their seat, and you're also more likely to get hit by the food cart traveling down the aisle.

- No one seems to realize the value of Dramamine. Everyone takes their sleeping pills... which I guess work... but why not take something with a drowsy side-effect that also eases any bump along the way? I personally like the fact that I don't feel nauseous all the time anymore. It's pretty cool.

- I'm glad that when people look at me, they know I'm a girl.


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