05 January 2010

Vacation FAIL...

My first day back in California, and what do I do?? Wake up at 6:30 am to do work for an internship that doesn't pay me. I'm feeling a bit used... anyone agree with me? Also... someone else is leaving the office... I really think my fears of a complete company meltdown are starting to be substantiated. In other words... I'm doing work on my vacation for a company that might not be around to eventually give me a paying gig.

I'd like to hear back from the people I've been interviewing with now... I also think I'll spend the rest of the afternoon job hunting.


P.S. Once I quit being a twat... I will write about: "New Moon" supporting statutory rape, traffic stories from hell, my addiction to "Skins," my happy encounter with marriage, and all of the other things that have been brewing over the past few weeks.

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