25 January 2010

Prayer to the Blackberry gods...

My water bottle leaked in my bag today, and didn't exactly soak everything, but surely misted all my belongings. Now my blackberry keeps saying the keys are locked while I'm in the midst of writing a text message. I've taken the battery out, and am hoping that letting it dry while turned off will help the situation. The only thing left now is to pray to the blackberry gods. So, here we go...

To the All-Powerful Blackberry Deities,
I ask you this day to spare my Blackberry Tour. In the few months that we have gotten to know each other, we've become extremely close. I often just hold it in my hands and twirl it while having face-to-face, non-virtual conversations. The feeling of being able to so easily switch my attention to someone far away while ignoring the person in front of me keeps me sane - for a whole world of more interesting people is constantly at my fingertips. And who can forget that this lovely being that you brought into existence with your merciful grace and knowledge of engineering also happens to hold many of my memories? Just now, the grips of moisture have pulled away from me a photo that I'd like to use for a blog post. (A blog post I'd rather be writing...) I wouldn't trouble you if it weren't for the severity of the situation. And so, I beg of you, do not separate me from my precious blackberry!! There's so much more inappropriate texting to be had!! Sneak photos to be taken!! Trivia questions to be answered when computers aren't handy!! 

SAVE MY PHONE!!!!!! (Especially since water damage isn't covered under the warranty.) I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!


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