28 January 2010

Oopsie Daisy!

So, I have this habit of stretching over the back of my chair while I sit. It's fairly regular for someone that has to stay seated for long periods of time. Today, however, it became dangerous.

It's all because of my dress. Here's my dress... (sketchy office bathroom mirror-style).

Note the silk up top... since silk doesn't stretch.

So... I'm in my chair... I reach my hands behind my head and lean back... I look down towards my computer... and I see...

MY BRA... 3/4 of my bra-covered-boobs coming out of the top of my dress!!! Holy cow's milk and one-eyed leprechauns - the twins were out!!!!!!!! (Louis and Clark, if I haven't already informed you... they like to go on expeditions.)

My reaction? Was it to put my arms down and gingerly pluck the front of my dress up? No... of course not. I let out a: "Waa!" and snatched at my dress, and then furtively looked around the office (while still clutching the silk) to see if anyone had noticed. Thank goodness Joni has decided to ignore all of my nonsensical utterances. Oh... and that Lou didn't turn around.


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